Home Credit Qwarta Interest Clients Must Be Aware Of In Paying for Due — A GUIDE

How Much Is the Home Credit Qwarta Interest Per Due?

HOME CREDIT QWARTA INTEREST – You can check here the details regarding the interest that Home Credit Philippines implement under the offer.

Are you one of the people who found out about the Home Credit Qwarta offer and you are interested to apply for it? It can be applied for when you got a Product Loan.

The Home Credit Qwarta is a “virtual credit line” that you can use in many ways including the following:

  • payment of grocery purchases
  • buying load
  • online shopping
  • bill payments

With the virtual credit line, you can get your bills paid even if you do not have cash as you can use your credit line balance for it. Undeniably, it can be another preparation against the unforeseen financial emergencies or even when situations when your budget failed to make it to the next payday.

You might be wondering how much is the Home Credit Qwarta interest rate. The interest rate actually depends on the spending or the virtual credit charged on your credit line. According to the international consumer finance provider, the interest is charged daily beginning on the day after each transaction was made.

With regards to the billing date, your first billing date will fall on the due date of your Product Loan or Cash Loan. The due date will be 15 days after you were billed. Thus, Home Credit gives its clients enough time to save for the payment or due.

The Home Credit Qwarta can be used in several Home Credit partner merchant transactions including in purchases in SM, Robinsons, and Gaisano — three (3) of the malls where a lot of people love to shop.

After paying for your due, a big part of the amount that you paid returns and is added on your available spending limit. You can see your available spending limit through your My Home Credit app account.

However, it is best to know that there is another Home Credit Qwarta interest charged for clients who wil pay lesser than the minimum amount due on the due date. According to the international consumer finance provider, it will be 5% of the total amount due in the Statement of Account (SOA).

It will benefit you a lot financially if you make it a habit to pay at least the minimum amount due every due date.

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