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LIST: Requirements for Right Choice Business Loan Application

Guide on Requirements for Right Choice Business Loan Application – What You Need to Prepare

REQUIREMENTS FOR RIGHT CHOICE BUSINESS LOAN – Here is a list of the documents that you need to prepare in applying for a loan to Right Choice Finance.

Nowadays, banks are not the only options of people when it comes to loans. There are also several lending companies with multiple loan offers that come with excellent features. Are you looking for a firm where you can borrow an amount for a certain purpose?

Most lending companies now are open to financing huge purposes like buying a car, purchasing a residential property, or expanding a business. One of these lending firms is Right Choice Finance.

Requirements for Right Choice Business Loan Application

The Right Choice Finance has several loan offers. You may apply for a loan to buy a car, purchase a house, or grow your business. You may also go for the multi-purpose loan offer of the lending firm.

In this article, we will focus on its offer for the purpose of business growth. There are documentary requirements for Right Choice Business Loan application. The lending firm has set the same list of requirements for its non-collateral and collateral business loan offer.

List of Requirements for Right Choice Business Loan Application

  1. Completely filled-out online loan application form
  2. 2 Valid IDs (1 Primary & 1 Secondary)
  3. Business Permit (DTI/Mayor’s Permit, etc)
  4. Latest ITR & Financial Statement
  5. SEC Papers (for Corporation)
  6. Bank Statement (6months latest)- Checking/Savings
  7. PDC (Post Dated Checks)
  8. Bank statements via BRANKAS for faster processing within 24 hrs. (accredited banks BDO, RCBC, PNB, Metrobank & BPI) or manually upload the bank statements (latest 6 mos.) for banks not accredited by BRANKAS
    • additional requirements may be required, if necessary

To apply, you may visit the branch of Right Choice Finance nearest to you. You may also call them at (+632) 7215-3220 or email them at [email protected]

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