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AUB Salary Loan: Requirements In Applying For Loan To Asia United Bank

List of Requirements in Applying for Asia United Bank / AUB Salary Loan

AUB SALARY LOAN – Here is a list of the requirements in applying for a salary loan to Asia United Bank.

A lot of banks in the Philippines offer salary loans to the public. The said type of loan primarily serves the purpose of helping employees get to the next payday.

On a wider view, the salary loan can be one way to get a certain amount in full for purchase purposes or for paying the bills or debts. The payment for it is beneficial to the borrowers as they can pay for it in installment basis at a minimal rate.

Among the banks in the country that offer this type of loan is the Asia United Bank or more commonly called AUB. The AUB Salary Loan is under the name “AUB CasHelp”.

According to the bank, it is open for employees of accredited companies. A borrower may opt to go for up to 36-month term in paying for the loan.

AUB Salary Loan

Based on the official website of the bank, there is only a short list of eligibility qualifications and as well as company accreditation requirements in applying for the AUB Salary Loan.

Eligibility Qualifications:

An applicant must:

  • be a regular employee
  • has been with his or her company for more than a year on the day of the application
  • have a basic salary of Php 10,000.00 per month
  • have no monthly amortization exceeding 25% of the net income

Company Accreditation Requirements:

  • Latest three (3) years Audited Financial Statement
  • Latest General Info Sheet
  • SEC Registration Certificate
  • Company/Employee Profile

Are you interest in applying for the AUB Salary Loan? You may inquire further to the bank through a phone call or an e-mail. The following are the contact details of Asia United Bank:

Telephone Number: (02) 470-9498 / (02) 687-0724 | (02) 631-3333 loc 885, 836, 837, 180, 181
Email Address: [email protected]

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