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AUB CREDIT CARD: List of Requirements In Applying for AUB Credit Card

List of AUB Credit Card Requirements In Applying

AUB CREDIT CARD – Here is a list of the requirements that you should prepare in applying for a credit card to Asia United Bank.

The Asia United Bank or more commonly known as AUB has a lot of offers to the public. Among it are the different types of loans including the AUB Home Loan and the AUB Salary Loan.

The home loan is perfect for individuals who wanted to have their own house or residential property under installment payment basis. With regards to other purposes such as to fund a trip or pay for the bills, one can apply for the salary loan.

Aside from the loan offers, the Asia United Bank has other offers including the different types of AUB Credit Card. These cards are excellent emergency preparations as it can help you in times of financial struggles.

Do you want to apply for it?

AUB Credit Card Requirements

Based on the official website of the Asia United Bank, there are eligibility and documentary requirements in applying for the AUB Credit Card.


  • Age – 21-65 years old
  • Gross Monthly Income:
    • AUB Easy Mastercard – Php 21,000.00
    • AUB Classic Mastercard – Php 21,000.00
    • AUB Gold Mastercard – Php 50,000.00
    • AUB Platinum Mastercard – Php 100,000.00
  • Employed applicants should be in regular status and have worked in the company for at least a year
  • Self-Employed applicants must be in a registered business that is profitable for at least a year
  • Licensed professional applicants must be practicing their profession for at least a year
  • Must have a mobile phone / telephone number and email address

Here is a list of requirements in applying for the AUB Credit Card:


  • Copy of any government issued ID with photo OR employment ID
  • Income Documents

Employed Applicants should pass any of the following:

  • Latest ITR (Form 2316)
  • Certificate of Employment/Compensation
  • Latest one (1) month paysli

Unemployed Applicants:

  • ITR (Form 1701, 1701Q)
  • Latest Financial Statements and
  • DTI Registration (preferably under the card applicant’s name)

Information: Asia United Bank

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