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AUB Easy Credit Card – Features of this Asia United Bank Credit Card Offer

Guide on AUB Easy Credit Card Features & Application

AUB EASY CREDIT CARD – Here is a guide on the features of this credit card offer of Asia United Bank or more commonly called as AUB.

Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the benefits of credit cards. It has actually no intention of leaving some people in debts. It really needs a huge amount of discipline in handling the card to avoid the pit but it has several benefits.

A credit card can be one of the best preparations against the unforeseen circumstances. In cases when the next payday is still several days away, you can use it in buying groceries, paying for dinners in restaurants, making payments for the utility bills or the tuition fees of the kids, etc.

Are you planning to apply for a credit card? One of the banks with several offers is Asia United Bank. It is more commonly called as AUB.

AUB Easy Credit Card

One of Asia United Bank’s credit card offers is the AUB Easy Mastercard. It is a card that gives you the liberty to choose when and how much of your bill you want to pay. Yes, things are under your own terms.

AUB Easy Credit Card / Mastercard Main Features:

  • Choose how many times you pay per month. You can pay once a month, twice a month, or every week.
  • Choose exactly when to pay. If you choose to pay once a month, you can choose your due date from the 1st to the 30th day of the month. If you want to have it twice a month, there are 15 payment options you can choose from. If you want to do it weekly, you can choose any day of the week.
  • Choose exactly how much to pay. If you want to pay once a month, you can choose from Php 750.00 to Php 3,000.00. For twice a month payments, you can choose among Php 500.00; Php 1,000.00; and Php 1,500.00. For weekly payments, you can have it at Php 250.00, Php 500.00, or Php 750.00.

According to AUB, the annual membership fee is waived for life and no interest will be implemented on new purchases. To apply for it, you may visit the branch of Asia United Bank nearest to you.

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