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BDO Peso Savings Account – How Much Is Charged for Account Closure

Guide on BDO Peso Savings Account Closure Penalty

BDO PESO SAVINGS ACCOUNT – Here is a guide on the penalty set by BDO Unibank for the closure of a savings account in Philippine currency.

One of the most popular banks in the Philippines is BDO Unibank. It has several branches nationwide and it also has several offers to the public. A lot of people got accounts with the bank.

BDO offers savings accounts of different types, credit cards, loans, investment products, and a lot more. With regards to its account offers, the major categories are the following:

  • Peso Savings Account
  • Peso Checking Account
  • US Dollar Savings Account
  • Time Deposit Account
BDO Peso Savings Account
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The BDO Peso Savings Account does not only help you keep your savings safely. While keeping it inside your account, your money has a chance to keep on growing.

BDO has set a required amount for interest. You may visit – BDO ATM Account – How Much Savings Is Required To Earn Interest.

Other benefits of this type of account include easy access to your money since there are several ATMs nationwide thus you can withdraw anytime and you can also go cashless shopping. You may use your ATM to pay for your bills as well.

You may open this type of BDO account online. Feel free to visit – Open BDO Savings Account Online – How To Open Account Online.

In the event that you want or you need to close your BDO Peso Savings Account, there is a penalty for it. You will have to pay Php 300.00 according to the bank.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to your application for BDO loans. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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