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BDO Savings Account Penalty For Falling Below Required Balance

How Much Is BDO Savings Account Penalty For Going Below the Maintaining Balance

BDO SAVINGS ACCOUNT PENALTY – Here is a guide on the penalty set by the bank for falling below the required balance.

BDO Unibank is one of the most popular banks in the Philippines. It has several branches nationwide and has a lot of offers as well.

Among the main offers of the bank are its savings accounts. It has several account offers such as the Passbook Savings, the ATM Savings, the Optimum Savings, and the Junior Savers.

One of the accounts that many people have is the BDO ATM Savings account. It comes with excellent features like easy access to withdraw money because of the numerous ATMs that accept it.

BDO Savings Account Penalty

Also, you can go for cashless shopping as the ATM is accepted by hundreds of merchants nationwide. You only need at least two (2) valid IDs and the initial deposit in opening for this account.

For the initial deposit, feel free to visit – BDO ATM Savings Account Required Initial Deposit In Opening.

The amount you have in your account may grow depending on your savings. You may visit: BDO ATM Account – How Much Savings Is Required To Earn Interest

In case you reach the minimum balance set by the bank to earn interest, your money may grow. On another set, if you will fall below the required balance, you will have to pay for the BDO Savings Account penalty fee set by the bank.

According to BDO Unibank, the minimum monthly average daily balance (MADB) is Php 2,000.00. If you will fall below the said required balance, you will have to pay the BDO Savings Account penalty which is Php 300.00.

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