BPI CREDIT CARDS – List of Credit Card Offers of Bank of the Philippine Islands

Guide on the Bank of the Philippine Islands / BPI Credit Cards You May Apply For

BPI CREDIT CARDS – Here is a list of the credit card offers of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

One of the largest and most prominent banks in the Philippines is the Bank of the Philippine Islands. More commonly called as BPI, it gained popularity not only in PH but as well as abroad.

BPI offers a lot of services to the public. You may open for savings and deposit accounts under this private bank and you may also apply for loans. With regards to its loan offers, here is the list:

Aside from the deposit accounts and the loan offers, the Bank of the Philippine Islands also offer BPI credit cards. These are excellent preparation for emergency situations and as well as a convenient company during shopping.

BPI Credit Cards

There are different BPI credit cards that you can choose from. Each of them bears unique features that may be perfect to your needs and wants in a credit card.

Based on the official website of the bank, here is the list of the BPI credit cards it offers:

BPI Visa Signature Card

  • a travel and lifestyle card
  • gain rewards through it

BPI Blue Mastercard: The Sensible Card

  • earn points and freebies
  • cash advance facility worldwide
  • 24/7 access to BPI Toll-free Service

BPI Gold Mastercard: The Premium Card

  • bears exclusive perks
  • premium privileges

Petron-BPI Mastercard: The Practical Motorist Card

  • offers fuel rebate
  • P200 fuel voucher as welcome gift

BPI SkyMiles Mastercard (Plus Platinum Card)

  • excellent card for traveling the world
  • earn while you spend

BPI Family Savings Credit Card

  • low interest rate and membership fee
  • excellent for family needs

BPI eCredit: The Internet Shopping Card

  • best for online shopping
  • promotes secured online transaction

BPI Amore Visa: The Ayala Malls Lifestyle Card (Plus Platinum)

  • shopping and dining rebates in Ayala Malls
  • cinema and lounge discounts

BPI Edge Mastercard: The Value for Style Card

  • discounts on exclusive events
  • shopping rebates

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  2. How can I apply for credit card I want to have a credit card for emergency and household needs.but I don’t have an existing cc.thank you


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