BPI LOAN INTEREST RATES – List of Interest Rates Under BPI Loans

Guide on the BPI Loan Interest Rates Implemented by the Bank Under its Loans

BPI LOAN INTEREST RATES – Here is a list of the interest rates that the Bank of the Philippine Islands implements on its loans.

Nowadays, loan offers haven become even more popular. Among the companies or establishments that offer it are the different banks in the Philippines. The Bank of the Philippine Islands or more commonly known as BPI is one of them.

BPI offers personal loan to the public. It is the most flexible loan when it comes to the purposes it serves. You can apply for it to pay for a medical bill, to fund a celebration, to go for a travel, to make purchases, etc.

With regards to the loan offers with more specific purposes, the private bank has the BPI Housing Loan and the BPI Car Loan. The former is for the acquisition of a lot or a residential property while the latter is for the purchase of a car.

BPI Loan Interest Rates

In applying for a loan, aside from the eligibility qualifications, the requirements, and the terms, another thing that the applicant should look into is the interest.

On the official website of the Bank of the Philippine Islands, the private bank has posted details regarding the BPI Loan Interest Rates it implements under its loans.

Personal Loan

  • Interest Rate per annum – 14.40%
  • Fixed add-on interest rate per month – 1.20%

Housing Loan

Fixing Period: 1 Year
Housing Loan: 7.00%
Property Equity Loan: 7.50%

Fixing Period: 2 Years
Housing Loan: 7.25%
Property Equity Loan: 7.75%

Fixing Period: 3 Years
Housing Loan: 7.50%
Property Equity Loan: 8.00%

Fixing Period: 4 Years
Housing Loan: 8.00%
Property Equity Loan: 8.50%

Fixing Period: 5 Years
Housing Loan: 8.50%
Property Equity Loan: 9.00%

Fixing Period: 10 Years
Housing Loan: 9.50%
Property Equity Loan: 10.00%

Fixing Period: 15 Years
Housing Loan: 10.50%
Property Equity Loan: 11.00%

Fixing Period: 20 Years
Housing Loan: 12.00%
Property Equity Loan: 12.50%

Auto Loan

In ArrearsOne Month Advance

(in Months)

Add-on RateEffective RateAdd-on RateEffective Rate







Information Courtesy of Bank of the Philippine Islands

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