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BPI AUTO LOANS – Differences Between Regular Auto Loan & Step Up Pay Plan

BPI Auto Loans “Regular Loan” & “Step Up Pay Plan” Comparison

BPI AUTO LOANS – Here is a guide on the differences between the Bank of the Philippine Islands’ Regular Auto Loan and “Step Up Pay Plan” loan offers.

One of the banks with auto loan offers is the Bank of the Philippine Islands. More commonly called as BPI, it is one of the biggest banks in the country with a lot of offers.

It has different kinds of loan offers from personal to housing to car loans. It also got several credit card offers and as well as investment options.

With regards to the auto loan offers of BPI, there are two (2) options now. It was just recently when the bank introduced its “Step Up Pay Plan” offer.

BPI Auto Loans

The regular BPI Auto Loan and the “Step Up Pay Plan” are both BPI Auto Loans but they bear different features. Undeniably, the latter is an excellent choice for those who wanted enough time to prepare financially in paying higher monthly amortizations.

Let us look deeper into the differences of the BPI Regular Auto Loan and the “Step Up Pay Plan” offer of the bank. Here are the differences between these two (2) BPI Auto Loans:

Amount of Monthly Amortization

  • Regular Auto Loan : Fixed Monthly Payments | No Annual Increase
  • Step Up Pay Plan : Monthly Payment Varies Yearly on Increasing Case

Type of Vehicle

  • Regular Auto Loan : Brand New / Pre-Owned Passenger Vehicle
  • Step Up Pay Plan : Brand New Passenger Vehicle

Term of Loan

  • Regular Auto Loan : 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years
  • Step Up Pay Plan : Brand New Passenger Vehicle

Do you want to apply for any of these BPI Auto Loans? You may visit the official website of the bank to start – www.bpiautoloans.com.

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