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BPI Auto “Step Up” Loan – How Much You Can Borrow For Car Purchase

Guide on BPI Auto Step Up Loan Loanable Amount

BPI AUTO STEP UP LOAN – Here is a guide on how much you can borrow under the “Step Up Payplan” of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

Undeniably, nowadays, a lot of people wanted to have their own car amid the new normal now. Commuting is twice the challenge now following the reduced capacity of the public vehicles.

However, a car purchase requires a lot of financial preparedness if you will do it in cash. You really need to prepare a huge amount of money whether it is a brand new car or a second-hand one that you are planning to buy.

Meanwhile, there are actually options that can help you obtain your target vehicle soon. One of them is through a loan.

BPI Auto Step Up Loan

The Bank of the Philippine Islands is one of the many banks that have auto loan offers. Recently, it introduced a new offer – the “Step Up Payplan”.

This new offer features the lowest monthly installment for the first year of the loan repayment. According to the bank, as the loan progresses, the loan payment will also step up annually.

This BPI loan offer is open for individual applicants. Only brand new passenger cars can be financed by this loan offer. With regards to the loanable amount under the BPI Auto Step Up Loan offer, here it is:

  • Minimum Loanable Amount – Php 500,000.00

According to the bank, under the BPI Auto Step Up Loan, your monthly amortization can be 10% lower compared to the monthly payment under its regular auto loan offer. To apply, you may visit – www.bpiautoloans.com.

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