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BPI Savings Account For Kids – How Much Is the Required Initial Deposit

Guide on BPI Savings Account for Kids Required Initial Deposit in Opening

BPI SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR KIDS – Here is a guide on the required initial deposit in opening a Jumpstart Account with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

Teaching your kids on how to save money at an early age will really benefit your children in the future. You’ll be able to raise humans who know the value of saving money for the unforeseen circumstances. Thus, you are assured that somehow they have something to turn to when financial struggles come their way.

It might not appear as really a necessity now but the benefits will surely wow you when it is time. No matter how big a person’s income is, the digits won’t matter match if the hands are huge spenders.

BPI Savings Account for Kids

There are savings accounts for kids that you can start with. Do you want to do it with the Bank of the Philippine Islands or more commonly called as BPI?

The BPI savings account for kids is the Jumpstart Account. As a parent, you can set a minimum balance that cannot be withdrawn by your child. You may utilize the account in transferring your child’s allowance from your savings account to his or her account.

Another feature of this account is that it can be used for mobile phone reloading. It can be done through an ATM, a mobile app, or the BPI Online.

Do you want to know who may open this type of account? Feel free to visit – BPI Jumpstart Savings Account – Who Are Eligible To Apply For It.

With regard to the required initial deposit in opening a BPI savings account for kids, it is only Php 100.00. Just bring valid IDs of your child like a school ID in opening.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to the requirements you need to prepare in opening a savings account in the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

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