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Citibank Loan Interest Rate Implemented Under Personal Loan Offer

Guide on the Citibank Loan Interest Rate Under the Personal Loan Offer

CITIBANK LOAN INTEREST RATE – Here is a guide on the range of interest rates implemented by Citibank under their personal loan offer.

Are you needing some cash to pay for the rent? In buying a new gadget? For traveling? To pay for the utility bill? Whether you are up to making ends meet or erasing a goal in your bucket list, there are several options that you can turn to.

One of them is the offer of Citibank. It can aid you with a cash assistance even without a guarantor. It is an unsecured loan – you don’t need to present a property as a collateral to be able to push through with your application.

Under the Citibank Personal Loan, you can get an approval as fast as one (1) day. You may also adjust your loan term depending on the approval of the bank so you will have light monthly payments.

Citibank Loan Interest Rate

Aside from the fast approval duration, you may apply online. For a guide on who may go for an online application, you may visit – CITIBANK PERSONAL CASH LOAN – Who Are Eligible For Its Online Application.

The bank also offers high loanable amounts under their personal loan. The amount is subject to the approval of the bank but may have an idea of the range of how much you can borrow. You may visit – Citibank Loan – Minimum & Maximum Personal Loan Loanable Amounts.

With regards to the Citibank Loan Interest Rate, based on an article on iMoney PH, it will depend on several factors. Meanwhile, here is the range:

  • Citibank Loan Interest Rate – 15.16% to 16.50% per annum

Do you want to apply for the said loan offer personally? For a guide, you may visit – Citibank Personal Loan – How To Apply For Citibank’s Personal Loan Offer.

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