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RCBC CASH SALARY LOAN – Is RCBC Account Required In Applying?

Guide on Whether An RCBC Account Is Needed in Applying for RCBC Cash Salary Loan or Not

RCBC CASH SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on whether an account with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation is required in applying for its personal loan offer or not.

One of the most helpful loan offers nowadays is the personal loan – also called as cash loan, salary loan, or money loan. This loan offer may serve different purposes from making ends meet, coping up with financial emergencies, up to reaching big goals. You may apply for it to:

  • pay for the utility bills
  • purchase a gadget, furniture, or home appliance
  • get your home renovated
  • cope up with hospital bills
  • travel
  • fund an event
  • get your car repaired

In the Philippines, one of the banks with the said loan offer is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. There are eligibility qualifications in applying for RCBC Cash Salary Loan. The applicant must be:

  • a Filipino citizen
  • between 21 to 65 years old
  • employed for at least two (2) years with the current company or
  • self-employed and operating a business for at least three (3) years with a minimum of two (2) years profitable operation
RCBC Cash Salary Loan

The loanable amount under the said loan offer is subject to the approval of the bank. Meanwhile, you can have an idea of the range of the amounts that you can borrow. You may visit – RCBC SALARY LOAN – Minimum & Maximum Loanable Amounts Under It.

What if I don’t have an account with RCBC, can I still apply for RCBC Cash Salary Loan?

RCBC seemingly does not require an existing account with them in applying for RCBC Cash Salary Loan. Meanwhile, once your application gains the bank’s approval, there is really a need to open an account with them. It may be through it that the loan proceeds will be released and you may also pay for the loan through automatic debit arrangement to avoid hassles. For a guide on how to apply, visit – RCBC Personal Loan: How To Apply, Requirements To Prepare.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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