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RCBC Personal Loan: How To Apply, Requirements To Prepare

How To Apply For RCBC Personal Loan, List of Requirements

RCBC PERSONAL LOAN – Here is a guide on how to apply and the list of requirements that you need to prepare in applying for a personal loan to Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation.

A lot of banks in the Philippines now are offering loans to the public. One of them is the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or more commonly called RCBC.

One of the loans offered by RCBC is a personal loan. It is called “MyCash Loan” and it can serve the purpose of paying for credit card bills or balances, tuition fees, medical bills, travel expenses, home improvements, or purchases of appliances and gadgets.

For those who want to apply for RCBC Personal Loan, the bank has set some eligibility requirements for MyCash Loan and as well as requirements (documents) that eligible applicants need to prepare.

RCBC Personal Loan

Based on the official website of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), here is a list of the eligibility requirements for MyCash Loan:

  • With owned (2 years) or rented (3 years) residence
  • At most 65 years old if employed or 70 years old if self-employed upon loan maturity
  • Current holder of Philippine-issued credit cards for at least 2 years

If employed:

  • At least of middle management
  • Regularly employed for at least 2 years
  • Employer among top 10,000 corporations or a legitimate company operating for at least 5 years
  • Business must be at least 3 years in operation

If self-employed:

  • Business must be at least 5 years in operation
  • Profitable for the last 2 years

RCBC Personal Loan Requirements


  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation or latest 2 months Payslip or ITR
  • Valid Government IDs
  • TIN
  • 1-month latest Utility Bill


  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Copy of last 2 years ITR
  • Latest 2 years Financial Statements
  • Business registration/permits
  • List of suppliers and customers
  • Valid Government IDs
  • 1-month latest Utility Bill

Simply visit the nearest RCBC branch or the branch where you want to apply with your requirements. Inform a bank staff that you want to apply for a personal loan and you will be given a loan application form.

Provide the necessary information needed in the form and submit it together with your requirements. It will be evaluated and you will be informed on the status of your application.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to your application for a personal loan to RCBC. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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