RCBC Credit Card Requirements: What You Need To Prepare In Applying

List of RCBC Credit Card Requirements Applicants Must Prepare

RCBC CREDIT CARD REQUIREMENTS – Here is a list of the requirements that you need to prepare in applying for a credit card to Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation.

One of the banks with a lot of offers to the public is the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or more commonly known as RCBC. Aside from the RCBC Personal Loan, it also offers credit cards.

When it comes to credit cards, RCBC actually has a lot to offer but what stands out is the 100% credit approval.

Based on the official website of RCBC, the credit cards features 100% guaranteed credit approval with “no credit check regardless of your past credit history”. Do you want to know the RCBC credit card requirements?

RCBC Credit Card Requirements

There are only a few documents that you have to prepare in applying for the “InstaCard”. Here is a list of the RCBC credit card requirements:

  • InstaCard Application Form
  • Savings Account Opening Forms
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Valid IDs

According to the bank, the InstaCard Application Form, Savings Account Opening Forms, and the Deed of Assignment are available at the branch where you want to apply for a credit card.

Part of the RCBC credit card requirements as well is the age and the minimum hold-out deposit amount.

According to the bank, applicants must be at least 21 years old and is capable of a minimum hold-out deposit amount of Php 10,000.00 or US $2,000.00.

The membership fee of Php 60.00 monthly for regular cards and Php 150.00 monthly for premium cards are free for the first twelve(12) months.

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