EastWest Bank Home Loan 2024 — How To Apply & the Requirements

Guide on EastWest Bank Home Loan 2024 Application Process

EASTWEST BANK HOME LOAN 2024 – You can check the guide here on how to apply for the EastWest Unibank loan offer and the requirements.

Nowadays, it is possible to have you own residential property even if you are not prepared to pay for it under a one-time cash payment. It is because there are a lot of entities that offer home loans — one of them is the EastWest Unibank or more popularly called as EastWest Bank.

EastWest Bank Home Loan 2024
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Aside from the EastWest Unibank Cash Loan, the bank which is one of the biggest entities in the Philippine banking field also offers a Home Loan. Its offer is open for application for several purposes.

EastWest Bank
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Which purposes are eligible for the EastWest Bank Home Loan application? You may apply for the loan offer to finance any of the following:

  • lot acquisition
  • home construction
  • reimbursement of a purchase of a residential property bought within 1 year based on the transferred TCT/CCT
  • home equity
  • Top-up Loan or availment of the paid-off portion of the existing loan for any purpose

The loanable amount under the EastWest Bank’s loan offer may vary. It goes the same with the EastWest Bank interest rate which depends on the loan term chosen. You can stretch your loan to up to 30 years.

There is an easy process in applying for the EastWest Bank Home Loan offer. First, you have to prepare both the personal documents and the collateral requirements needed in applying for the loan offer.

The personal documentary requirements for the EastBank Home Loan application depends whether you are employed, self-employed, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), etc. Aside from the personal documents, here are the collateral documents that you need to prepare in applying for the loan offer:

  • Photocopy of Title for Collateral (TCT for land title/CCT for condo title)
  • Appraisal Fee Official Receipt (OR)
  • Tax Declaration (Land and Building)
  • For Construction Loan:
    • Bill of Materials or Cost Estimate
    • Building Plan or Renovation Plan
    • General Specification or Scope of Work
  • If buying from accredited developer
    • Copy of CTS
    • Copy of SOA/Payment Schedule
  • If buying from secondary market/individual seller:
    • Copy of Title
    • Appraisal fee payment – Php 3,500 Metro Manila / Php 5,000 outside Metro Manila

Once you already have all the documents needed in applying for the loan offer, head to a branch of the EastWest Unibank nearest to you and submit your requirements to file your loan application.

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