How To Apply for Security Bank Home Loan Offer

Steps on How To Apply for Security Bank Home Loan Offer Application Process

HOW TO APPLY FOR SECURITY BANK HOME LOAN – Here is a guide in applying for the Home Loan offer of the Security Bank.

If you want a bank that you can trust on with regards to a Home Loan offer, one of the entities that you may turn to is the Security Bank which has been in the service of the Filipino people for decades now.

How To Apply for Security Bank Home Loan Offer
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The Security Bank is one of the leading universal banks in the country. It has several offers including loans that cater to both personal and business needs. One of its loan offers is the Home Loan which can financially assist you when it comes to property acquisition, house construction, home renovation, and home loan take-out.

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The Security Bank Home Loan offer is also open to finance the reimbursement of a residential property purchase or the expenses in constructing a house. It also accepts the usage of residential properties under a Home Equity Loan for cash access.

Who are qualified to apply for the loan offer? Here are the eligibility requirements set by the Security Bank under its offer:

  • 21 years old and above at the time of the loan application
  • not older than 60 years old upon the loan maturity
  • earning a household income of at least Php 50,000.00 monthly
  • employed for at least 2 years or self-employed and running a legitimate and profitable business for at least 3 years already

Checking the qualifications is the first step in applying for the loan offer. Next is the preparation of the required documents.

The bank requires specific documents in applying for the loan offer. Prepare the documentary requirements for Security Bank Home Loan application.

Apply at a branch of the Security Bank nearest to you, at an accredited developer, or online via the official website of the bank.

Wait for the result of the Security Bank loan application which may be sent through an SMS or the email address you stated in the application form. Once approved and you received the confirmation, you can confirm your loan approval details via email.

Sign the Security Bank loan documents and set up your Security Bank account for the payment of your monthly amortization.

Pay for the bank charges and submit the documentary requirements. Wait for the releasing of the loan proceeds.

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