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PBCom Real Estate Development Loan – List of Requirements in Applying For It

Requirements for PBCom Real Estate Development Loan Application

PBCOM REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT LOAN – Here is a guide on the requirements in applying for this business loan offer of the Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom).

Several banks in the Philippines have both personal and business loan offers. It can attend to personal needs like the financing of a residential property or a car purchase and as well as the expansion of a business.

Are you looking for a bank that has both offers? You may turn to the Philippine Bank of Communications or more commonly called as PBCom. This bank has several business loan offers.

PBCom Real Estate Development Loan

One of the business loan offers of the Philippine Bank of Communication is the PBCom Real Estate Development. It aims to help finance realty projects like the conversion of raw land into subdivisions. You may also apply for it for the construction of condominiums and townhouses.

Under this loan offer, flexible loan terms are available and you can have adequate time to finish the project and market real estate products.

PBCom Real Estate Development Loan Requirements in Applying

  • SEC Registration and Articles of Incorporation/Partnerships and Amendments
  • By-Laws of Corporation/Partnership
  • DTI Certificate of Registration
  • Company Profile
  • GIS (General Information Sheet)
  • ITR/FS for the past 3 years
  • List of major customers and suppliers (with contact details)

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