LANDBANK CREDIT CARD FEES: List Of Charges In Using Credit Card

Full List of Landbank Credit Card Fees / Charges

LANDBANK CREDIT CARD FEES – Here is a full list of the charges in using the credit cards of Land Bank of the Philippines.

The Land Bank of the Philippines, the primary government bank in the country, is one of the banks in the country that offers credit cards to the public. It offers classic and gold Mastercards.

Employees, businessmen or self-employed individuals, and corporations may apply for the above-mentioned credit cards that offer low interest rate at 3% per month and features a global acceptance.

Undeniably, being a holder of a credit card nowadays bring a lot of benefits. You can go for cashless shopping saving you from worries of bringing an amount inside your bag. Moreover, during your emergency situations, you will always have something to turn to financially.

Are you interested about this Landbank credit card?

Landbank Credit Card Fees

Credit cards come along with some charges. Before applying, it would be one of the best moves to check on the possible fees that you will have to pay monthly or for certain transactions.

Based on the official website of the government bank, here is a list of the Landbank credit card fees that holders of the said type of cards should pay monthly or per transaction:


Annual Membership Fee – Principal

  • Classic MasterCard: Php 1,000.00
  • Gold MasterCard: Php 2,500.00

Annual Membership Fee – Supplementary

  • Classic MasterCard: Php 250.00
  • Gold MasterCard: Php 1,000.00

Cash Advance Interest

  • 5% of Withdrawn Amount

Foreign Exchange Conversion Rate

  • Depending on existent MasterCard Foreign Currency Conversion Rate plus 2% for the charges for assessment and service.

Card Replacement Fee

  • Php 300.00 per card

Returned Check Fee

  • Php 500.00 per card

Sales Slip Retrieval Fee

  • Php 350.00 per card

Sales Reprinting Fee

  • Php 100.00

Installment Pre-termination Fee

  • Php 300.00 or 5% or the remaining balance; whichever is higher

Single Currency Billing for Peso and Foreign Currency Transactions

  • Finance Charge: 3.0% (in Peso)
  • Late Payment Fee: 2.25% of Minimum Amount Due (in Peso)

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  1. I wish I could apply for a loan, but I still don’t receive a text from land bank which they promise when I receive my Natinal ID last month, land bank branch here in Dalaguete Cebu where I receive my national ID. Wish I could apply for loan but I did not receive my ATM whic should together with my new National ID. Thank you


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