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LANDBANK LOAN OFFERS – List of Loans Offered by Land Bank of the Philippines

Guide on the Land Bank of the Philippines / Landbank Loan Offers

LANDBANK LOAN OFFERS – Here is a list of the loans offered by the Land Bank of the Philippines.

The biggest government bank in the Philippines is the Land Bank of the Philippines. It more commonly called as Landbank and it got a lot of offers to the public.

Landbank has deposit and savings accounts. In fact, most government employees have accounts with this giant government bank as their salaries are being sent to their bank account.

Also, Landbank has credit cards and loan offers. With regards to the latter, it has different loans targeting a specific member of the Filipino community.

Landbank Loan Offers

Based on the official website of Land Bank of the Philippines, the government bank got loans for farmers, fishermen, for those who wish to obtain a residential property, and for business purposes.

Here is the list of the Landbank loan offers:

Loans to Farmers

  • Da Sikat Ka Program – Under this loan offer, a direct loan to Landbank is provided and it comes with the support of the Department of Agriculture.
  • Agriculture Credit Support Project – This loan is intended for “investments, creating new job opportunities, and improving agricultural productivity in the rural areas”.

Loans to Fishers

  • Agriculture Credit Support Project – This loan offer is under the Agricultural Credit Support Project (ACPC). It is also for “investments, creating new job opportunities, and improving agricultural productivity in the rural areas”.
  • Agricultural and Fishers Financing Program – Under this offer, the small farmers with fishers access to “formal credit” to fund their activities that help the economy.

Business Loans

  • Landbank SME Credit Facility – This loan is perfect for entrepreneurs who wanted to start or expand their business. It is offered to over 81 provinces nationwide according to Landbank.

Home Loan Programs

For the Landbank Loan offers to those who wanted to acquire a residential property, visit – Landbank Loans.

Home Loan Programs Minimum & Maximum Loanable Amounts

Easy Home Loan

  • Minimum Loanable Amount – Php 500,000.00
  • Maximum Loanable Amounts:
    • For Private Applicants – based on 30% of the gross monthly income of the applicant
    • For Government Employees – based on the GAA-required amount

End Buyer’s Tie-Up Facility Loan

  • Maximum Loanable Amount – up to 90% of the contract price

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