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Maybank Standard Credit Card – How Much Is the Required Income in Applying

Guide on Maybank Standard Credit Card Application’s Required Income

MAYBANK STANDARD CREDIT CARD – Here is a guide on the required income in applying for Maybank Standard Mastercard.

Credit cards have a lot of benefits to offer. You can go cashless shopping in accredited merchants nationwide and across the globe. You simply have to get your card swiped at the cashier for your payment.

Also, a credit card is a preparation against he unforeseen circumstances. You can use your card to pay for the hospital bills, the electricity dues, the school tuition fees, and other expenses that may come urgently.

Truths be told that there are also negative testimonies about a credit card. Truer than it is that it really depends on the cardholder. It cannot leave you in debt as long as you are disciplined on how to utilize it.

Maybank Standard Credit Card

Maybank Philippines is one of the banks in the country that offer a credit card. In this article, let us tackle the features of Maybank Standard Credit Card including the required income in applying for it.

Among the excellent features of this type of credit card is that you will have to pay in the Philippine currency when you use your card abroad. It has global acceptibality to more than 20 million locations in over 275 countries and territories.

Furthermore, this type of credit card is EMV-compliant chip cards thus it is safer to use in making transactions. Also, you will get a notice via SMS for every successful transaction.

If you will use your card in buying an item online, you will receive a one-time-password via SMS for a safer online shopping experience using your card.

With regard to the required income in applying for Maybank Standard Credit Card offer, the applicant must have an annual gross income of at least Php 260,000.00.

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