MAYBANK LOANS – Full List of Maybank Loan Offers You May Apply For

Guide on the Maybank Loans That You May Apply For

MAYBANK LOANS – Here is a full list of the Maybank loan offers that you may apply for.

Most banks in the Philippines now got several loan offers for the public. One of them is Maybank which has all the personal loan, the auto loan, and the housing loan that are usually applied for.

Under these loan offers from Maybank, you may take a fast application processing with ease and excellent choices of loan offers. You may also enjoy low interest rates and flexible payment terms.

Also, with regards to the housing loan and the auto loan, there are several loan offers under them which are perfect for certain purposes.

Maybank Loans

Maybank Personal Loan

The Maybank Personal Loan is the most flexible loan offer of the bank – and usually of most banks. It is the kind of loan that can be applied for in line with the purpose of paying for the bills, funding an event, paying for the travel expenses, etc.

This type of loan offer can assist you in making your personal goals happen.

Maybank Housing Loan

The housing loan offers of Maybank come under “Maxihome Loans”. You may apply for any of the following purpose to the appropriate loan offer:

  • Home Acquisition – It is for the purpose of acquiring a residential property.
  • Home Construction – Under this loan offer, you must already have your prepared lot that is ready for construction.
  • Home Equity – The MaxiHome Equity Home Loan can help you maximize the value of your residential property.

Maybank Auto Loan

One of the Maybank Loans is the auto loan which may also come in several sub-loans. You may apply depending on your purpose such as the following:

  • Brand New Car Loans – If you wanted to purchase a brand new vehicle.
  • Used Car Loans – This is for the acquisition of second hand vehicles.
  • Auto Loan Refinancing – You may use your vehicle as a collateral to raise funds for something.
  • Truck Loans – You may apply for truck loans for your business needs.

To apply for any of the loans above, you may visit the official website of Maybank –

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