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PBCom Business Loans – Full List of Business Loan Offers You May Apply For

Guide on PBCom Business Loans for Working Capital & Real Estate Development

PBCOM BUSINESS LOANS – Here is a full list of the business loan offers of the Philippine Bank of Communication (PBCom) you may apply for.

There are several banks in the Philippines with multiple loan offers. Some got personal loans where the multi-purpose cash loan, home loan, and auto loan belong while others also have business loan offers.

The Philippine Bank of Communications or more commonly called as PBCom is one of those banks with both personal and business loan offers to the public.

In this article, let us focus on the business loan offers of PBCom. It may help you expand your business and make more money.

PBCom Business Loans

There are two main PBCom Business Loans – the short term loan or the working capital loan and the term loan or the real estate development loan.

If you are in need of some cash to put for a capital for your business, the short term loan offer is a “good to go”. It is open for both SMEs and large corporations and features flexible loan terms and interest rates. You can repay the loan for up to one (1) year depending on the cash cycle of your business.

Do you want to check on the requirements in applying for this business loan offer? You may visit – PBCom Working Capital Loan – List of Requirements in Applying For It.

Also one of the major PBCom Business Loans is the term loan that aims to fund real estate development. It can help finance the conversion of a raw land into a subdivision or the construction of condominiums and townhouses.

For its requirements, you may visit – PBCom Real Estate Development Loan – List of Requirements in Applying For It.

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