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PHILTRUST BANK LOANS: List of Loans Offered by Philtrust Bank

Guide on the Philtrust Bank Loans Offered by the Philippine Trust Company

PHILTRUST BANK LOANS – Here is a guide on the loan offers of the Philtrust Bank or also previously known as the Philippine Trust Company.

Most banks in the Philippines now got loan offers for the public. These offers may come with different features like the purposes they serve.

Among the usual loan offers of banks are the personal loan, the house loan, and the auto loan. The personal loan serves a flexible purpose while the house loan and the auto loan are for acquiring a residential property and a vehicle respectively.

Some banks also got loan offers for those who wanted to expand their businesses. One of these banks is the Philtrust Bank, previously known as the Philippine Trust Company.

Philtrust Bank Loans

Based on the official website of the Philippine Trust Company, they have loan offers both for working capital and as well as business expansion. Here is a list of the purposes that the Philtrust Bank loans serve:

  • Working capital
  • Business expansion
  • Purchase , construction or renovation of real estate property
  • Export and Import financing
  • Investment

According to the bank, it accepts collaterals. The following are accepted with regards to the Philtrust Bank Loans:

  1. Real estate mortgage
  2. Hold-out on peso or dollar deposits maintained with our Bank
  3. Assignment of acceptable listed shares of stocks
  4. Assignment of acceptable country club shares, or
  5. Assignment of government securities.

Here are the requirements that individual applicants should meet in applying for a loan to Philtrust Bank:

  1. Application of Credit
  2. Customer Information Sheet
  3. 2″x2″ Photos of Applicant
  4. Two Valid Photo-bearing Identification Cards issued and signed by Philippine Authority
  5. Certificate of Employment with Compensation
  6. Latest Income Tax Return
  7. DTI Registration for Single Properietorship
  8. Statement of Assets and Liabilities
  9. Latest Audited Financial Statement

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