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PNB HOME LOAN: Minimum & Maximum Loanable Amounts Under It

Guide on the Minimum & Maximum Loanable Amounts Under the PNB Home Loan

PNB HOME LOAN – Here is a guide on the minimum and maximum loanable amounts under the house loan offer of the Philippine National Bank (PNB).

A lot of people have acquired a house and lot even without paying for it in full. That is through the house loan offers of several banks in the Philippines. One of the banks that offer it is the Philippine National Bank or more commonly called as PNB.

The government bank offers a house loan under the “Home Flexi Loan” program. It is designed to finance real estate property acquisition. It serves a lot of purposes including the following:

  • house improvement
  • purchase of home appliances
  • purchase of furniture
  • residential property equity payment
PNB Home Loan

On its official website, the Philippine National Bank posted the minimum and maximum loanable amounts under the PNB Home Loan. It also posted a guide on the minimum and maximum payment tenor.

According to the bank, the minimum loanable amount is Php 200.00 while the maximum loanable amount is Php 10,000,000.00. It is subject to the credit policies and guidelines of the bank.

With regards to the terms of the payment, the borrower may pay for it for one(1) year up to a maximum term of ten(10) years. The interest rate to be implemented on the PNB Home loan are competitive based on the bank. The borrower have options with regards to the following:

  • Interest-rate setting schemes
  • Loan tenor
  • Settlement / Payment options

Are you interested to apply for the Home Flexi Loan offered by the Philippine National Bank? You may visit the nearest bank branch to you or you may also contact them through their official website. Visit – https://www.pnb.com.ph.

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