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Requirements for PSBank Cash Loan – List of Documents You Must Prepare

Guide on Requirements for PSBank Cash Loan Offer In Applying

REQUIREMENTS FOR PSBANK CASH LOAN – Here is a list of the documents that you must prepare and submit to the Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank).

In the Philippines, there are banking giants and as well as subsidiary banks that have several loan offers to the public. One of the said firms is the Philippine Savings Bank or more commonly called as PSBank.

The PSBank is a subsidiary bank of Metrobank. It has several loan offers including the personal loan for those who are in need of some money for a project, a longtime goal, an emergency, etc.

Requirements for PSBank Cash Loan

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To apply for the said loan offer, there are documents that you must prepare and submit to the PSBank branch nearest to you.

Requirements in applying for PSBank Cash Loan:

  • Completely filled-out PSBank Flexi Personal Loan Application Form
  • Photocopy of any of the following identification cards: Company ID, SSS, GSIS, PRC, Driver’s License, Passport or TIN (plastic card type), Firearms License, NBI Clearance, Integrated Bar of the Philippines
  • Photocopy of BIR form 2316, or 2306 for employed applicants
  • Photocopy of BIR form 1701 for self-employed applicants and Auditor’s Report and Financial Statement with BIR Stamp
  • For credit cardholders, original copy of the latest credit card billing statement (with the client as the PRINCIPAL cardholder)

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