RCBC Gold Mastercard — Enjoy Non-Expiring Points from Every Spend

Features of RCBC Gold Mastercard & the Application Requirements

RCBC GOLD MASTERCARD — You can enjoy excellent privileges including non-expiring points from every spend using your credit card.

In the Philippines, there are some trusted credit card providers. One of them is the RCBC or Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation which has several branches across the nation. Thus, its services are really accessible to the public.

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The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation has several offers which are delivered through its branches. The bank offers savings and deposit accounts, credit cards, loans, and a lot more personal and business finance products.

With regards to the loan offers of the bank, among the loan products are the RCBC Personal Loan and the RCBC Auto Loans. On the credit card offers of the bank, one of those with excellent features is the RCBC Gold Mastercard.

RCBC Gold Mastercard

The RCBC Gold Mastercard offer of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation is packed with several privileges and benefits for the cardholders. Here are the perks for the cardholders of this type of credit card:

  • enjoy non-expiring Rewards Points you can exchange for cash rebates, Airmiles, cash credit, shopping vouchers, RCBC Credit Card, Deposit to your RCBC deposit account, or donation
  • worry-free 0% installment for up to 36 months
  • free budget monitoring tools that give you financial control and empowerment
  • access to international medical, VIP healthcare, and international travel assistance, plus concierge services
  • 0% interest on installment on purchases abroad using your RCBC Gold Mastercard
  • monitor your account conveniently with real-time SMS advisories on your credit card spending
  • enjoy access to PAGSS Lounge in Terminals 1 & 3
  • OTP or One-Time Password required for online purchases for enhanced credit card use protection
  • make real-time payments and fund transfers anytime through your RCBC Gold Mastercard
  • enjoy flexible non-expiring Rewards Points on all your purchases
  • FREE Travel Insurance and Purchase Protection
  • access to world-class travel & lifestyle perks
  • enhanced credit card security with the EMV Chip Technology and insurance for your online purchases through RCBC Gold Mastercard
  • access to Balance Conversion feature which allows the cardholders of RCBC Hexagon Club Credit Card to convert statement outstanding balance to installment
  • enjoy access to world-class airport lounges
  • enjoy access to cash loan for your future plans
  • enjoy hassle-free and rewarding bill payments
  • enjoy worldwide acceptance of your credit card

Like in other credit card offers, there is a membership fee under the RCBC Gold Mastercard. For the principal credit cardholders, the bank has set the membership fee at Php 3,000 per year. For the supplementary cards, the membership fee is at Php 1,500 per year.

To qualify for application for a principal credit card to Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, the credit card applicant must be at least 21 years old but not more than 65 years old. For supplementary credit card applicants, the minimum age requirement is 13 and the maximum is 65 years old.

The RCBC requires the credit card applicants to have a mobile number and landline in your place of work. The RCBC Gold Mastercard application is open for both employed and self-employed individuals.

To apply for the credit card offer, here are the documents required by the bank for submission:

Employed Applicants

  • duly-accomplished and signed RCBC Credit Card Application Form
  • copy of one (1) valid ID with photo and signature
  • copy of any proof of income:
    • Latest Income Tax Return and/or W2 with BIR or Bank Stamp
    • Latest payslip stating monthly salary
    • Original Certificate of Employment (COE) with annual income details and signed by authorized Human Resources Group signatory. COE must not be more than six (6) months old
    • Latest bank statement showing the salary credit for the month

Self-Employed, Proprietors, and Businessmen Applicants

  • duly-accomplished and signed RCBC Credit Card Application Form
  • copy of one (1) valid ID with photo and signature
  • copy of any proof of income:
    • Latest Audited Financial Statement (AFS) with BIR or Bank Stamp and latest Income Tax Return (ITR) and/or W2 with BIR or Bank Stamp
    • Latest bank statement showing cash credits/sales receipt for the month

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