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RCBC CORPORATE HOME LOAN – How Much You Can Borrow Under This Offer

Guide on How Much You Can Borrow Under the RCBC Corporate Home Loan

RCBC CORPORATE HOME LOAN – Here is a guide on how much you can borrow under the home loan offer of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation for employees.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are applying for accreditation in certain banks to be able to provide cash assistance to their employees in the face of emergencies. One of the banks that offer corporate loans to companies is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC).

RCBC got several loan offers for the accredited companies and their employees. One of these offers is the home loan which come with excellent features.

Undeniably, the salary of most employees is centered on making ends meet. Thus, it would be a great challenge to save and buy a house. The good thing is that through the RCBC Corporate Home Loan, an employee can pay for his or her desired residential property in installment to the bank.

RCBC Corporate Home Loan

Under the said home loan offer for the employees of the companies accredited by RCBC, the residential property of the borrowers is secured a special insurance. It is the Malayan Insurance Corporation that will provide the said insurance policy.

With regards to the payment for the loan, it can be done through a salary deduction. This feature promotes convenience in paying and as well as decreases the risk of the build-up of credit.

Are you wondering how much you can borrow under the RCBC Corporate Home Loan offer? Here are the minimum and maximum loanable amounts under this loan offer:

  • Minimum Loanable Amount – Php 300,000.00
  • Maximum Loanable Amount – Up to 80% of the appraised value of the property

To apply for the said loan offer, you may visit the official website of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation – https://www.rcbc.com/.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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