Motorsiklo Loan Robinsons Bank: Here’s How Much You May Borrow under this offer

Guide on Motorsiklo Loan Robinsons Bank Offer Details

MOTORSIKLO LOAN ROBINSONS BANK – Do you want to know how much you may borrow under the motorcycle loan offer of Robinsons Bank?

Are you planning to get a motorcycle? Undeniably, a lot of people prefer having at least one bike even if they already have a car because it can be efficient and cost-friendly in terms of certain purposes like just buying in a nearby market. You won’t get stuck in the traffic and it really consumes less gas.

In most cases, a lot of men really consider a bike or motorcycle as the toys for adults. They love going for a ride with their families and loved ones. There are even rider groups where men meet more people.

Motorsiklo Loan Robinsons Bank
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In a lot of cases, some individuals consider in-house financing in getting a motorcycle. Are you aware there is such thing as the Motorsiklo Loan offered by Robinsons Bank?

The motorcycle loan offer of Robinsons Bank, one of the biggest and trusted banks in the country, is open for both brand new and pre-owned motorcycles. You may apply for a loan to acquire a regular bike or a big bike.

How much you may borrow under the Motorsiklo Loan offer of Robinsons Bank? The bank did not state the loanable amounts as it is a financing service offer thus you only need to prepare for the downpayment as per the following:

  • Brand New:
    • Regular / Solo Bike – at least 10% based on SRP
    • Big Bike – at least 30% based on SRP
  • Pre-Owned – at least 8% based on SRP

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