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UCPB Personal Cash Loan – Can You Apply For It To Consolidate Your Debts?

Guide on Whether the UCPB Personal Cash Loan Is Open for Debt Consolidation or Not

UCPB PERSONAL CASH LOAN – Here is a guide on whether you can apply for the personal loan offer of United Coconut Planters Bank to consolidate your debts or not.

Undeniably, only a small percentage of the populace has not debt at all. Many people most especially in the average and below average status of life had to borrow money from different sources to make ends meet.

There are several banks, lending companies, and private individuals that can provide financial assistance in the face of emergencies. However, truth be told that they may come with interest.

That is why some individuals who have a lot of debts would go for a loan that can consolidate the debts into a single credit. With regards to loans, one of the banks with the said offers is United Coconut Planters Bank or more commonly called as UCPB.

UCPB Personal Cash Loan

One of the loan offers of the said bank is the UCPB Personal Cash Loan. To be eligible to apply for it, the applicant must be:

  • a Filipino citizen
  • between 2 to 65 years old if employed and 70 years old if self-employed
  • having a credit card or checking account with UCPB
  • a permanent employee with supervisory rank for at least two (2) years now or self-employed with a business that is running for at least three (3) years and profitable for at least two (2) years now
    • For employed applicants, income must not fall below Php 30,000.00

Is UCPB Personal Cash Loan open for debt consolidation?

Based on iMoney PH, the said personal loan offer of UCPB is not open for debt consolidation. Meanwhile, it can serve several other purposes like making ends meet, funding a big purchase, paying for the utility bills, assisting in medical emergencies, etc.

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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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