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UnionBank Savings Account – How Much Is the Initial Deposit in Opening

Guide on UnionBank Savings Account Required Initial Deposit

UNIONBANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT – Here is a guide on the required initial deposit in opening an account with UnionBank Philippines.

One of the best ways to keep your money most especially if you are still hesitant to put it on investment is to deposit it in the bank. In that way, it may earn while it is being kept.

There are several banks in the Philippines that offer savings and deposit accounts. One of them is UnionBank which has several other offers apart from savings and deposit accounts.

UnionBank got loans, credit cards, and trust and investment offers. It also has several personal and corporate services offered.

UnionBank Savings Account

With regard to the UnionBank Savings Account, it is the “Visa debit Card” which comes with excellent features such as the following:

  • easy access to withdraw or deposit money as it is accepted in Bancnet ATMs nationwide
  • 24/7 money access through the UnionBank Online
  • cashless shopping as it is accepted in Visa establishment across the globe

With this UnionBank account, you don’t have to worry about your money when you are going in crowded places like malls and public vicinity. You can keep it in your account and simply have it credited in case you make a purchase or pay for a bill.

This offer is one of the UnionBank Online – List of Accounts Open for Online Application for your safety and convenience. According to the bank, there is no required initial deposit in opening a UnionBank Savings Account.

You may also apply for this account personally at any branch of UnionBank. If you want to apply personally, you have to prepare one (1) primary ID or two (2) secondary IDs. Your IDs must be active or within its validity period.

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