Red Ribbon Cakes Updated Price List (2024)

RED RIBBON – Here is the updated menu price list of the famous bakery chain in the Philippines for the year 2024.

Red Ribbon is one of the most popular cake shops in the Philippines, offering a variety of products including bread, mouth-watering cakes, empanadas, and other pastries. The bakery chain holds a special place in the hearts of the Filipino people.

Founded in 1979 by Amalia Hizon Mercado and her husband Renato Mercado, along with their five children, Red Ribbon began in Quezon City, Philippines. The couple’s daughter, Teresita Moran, creates cakes that have contributed significantly to the cake shop’s popularity.

Red Ribbon

In addition to cakes, Red Ribbon offers traditional Filipino snacks like butter puto, classic polvoron, pinipig polvoron, and peanut polvoron.

Over the years, the bakery has expanded its presence not only within the Philippines but also internationally, particularly in the United States, where there is a large Filipino community. It has become a beloved brand within Filipino communities both in the Philippines and abroad.

Red Ribbon

Here is the list of updated menu price list:


New Rainbow Dedication Cake₱598
New Mocha Dedication Cake₱529
Chocolate Heaven Cake₱1,034
Classic White Bread₱64
Mango-Choco Marjolaine Cake, Regular Size₱1,494
Gold Happy Birthday Greeting Topper₱29
Barbie Theme Toppers₱58
Rainbow Dino Theme Toppers₱58
Hot Wheels Theme Toppers₱58


Bundle 2 (SAVE P21)328


New Rainbow Dedication Cake₱598
New Mocha Dedication Cake₱529
Cookies & Cream Dedication Cake 8×8₱689
Chocolate Dedication Cake₱519
Creamy Caramel Dedication Cake₱689


Black Forest Cake₱528
Chocolate Heaven Cake₱1,034
Tiramisu Meltdown Cake₱609
Mango-Choco Marjolaine Cake, Regular Size₱1,494
Caramel Crunch Cake, Regular Size₱862
Chocolate Mousse Cake₱574


Chocolate Dedication Cake₱518
Triple Chocolate Roll₱282
Butter Mamon₱35
Black Forest Cake₱528
Cheesy Ensaimada₱41
Moist Choco (slice)₱37
Mango Sunrise Cake, Regular Size₱682
Chocolate Indulgence Cake₱689
Mango Graham Mousse Cake, Regular Size₱758
Ube Bloom Cake, Regular Size₱781
Cappuccino Creme Cake, Regular Size₱862


Triple Chocolate Roll₱282
Mango Roll₱344
Brazo De Mercedes Roll₱455
Ube ‘N Cream Roll₱344
Mocha Roll₱344


Butter Mamon 5s (SAVE as much as P7)₱167
Assorted Mamon 5s (SAVE as much as P7)₱180
Cheesy Ensaimada 8s (SAVE as much as PIO)₱313
Butter Mamon IOS (SAVE as much as Pl 5)₱334
Cheesy Ensaimada 4s (SAVE as much as PS)₱157
Cheesy Ensaimada 1 2s (SAVE as much as Pl5)₱470
Assorted Cake Slices 5s (SAVE as much as P6)₱219
Assorted Ensaimada 5s (SAVE as much as P7)₱219
Chicken Empanada 6s₱304
Assorted Pastry 5s (SAVE as much as P6)₱181
Moist Loaves 3s₱423


Classic White Bread₱64
Ube Cheesy Ensaimada₱52
Raisin Bread Rolls₱57
Cheesy Ensaimada₱41
Chocolate Bread Rolls₱57
Chicken Floss Bread Rolls 4s₱91
Butter Mamon₱35
Ube Mamon₱38
Cinnamon Roll₱57
Cheesy Mamon₱41
Chicken Empanada₱52


Moist Choco₱37
Banana Crunch₱44
Chiffon Cake Slice₱45
Choco Cake Slice₱45
Double Dutch Cake Slice₱45

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