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5 Pandemic-Proof Businesses You Can Begin w/ For Extra Income amid the Crisis

Guide on Pandemic-Proof Businesses that Can Help You Earn More

PANDEMIC PROOF-BUSINESSES – Are you planning to start a business venture for an extra income amid the COVID-19 crisis in the Philippines now?

Most businesses in the Philippines now are greatly challenged to stay afloat amid the COVID-19 crisis. It is a year now since the first rounds of the quarantine measures were implemented. Currently, the coronavirus cases in the country are still increasing.

The whole Metro Manila is currently under a Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ). Most parts of the country are under a Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ). Many businesses amid the pandemic shut down as they were not able to withstand its demands.

Pandemic-Proof Businesses
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Meanwhile, there are also businesses whose sales were not really affected much by the crisis. Some people also took the opportunity to start pandemic-proof businesses that can give them extra income amid the crisis.

Moneymax has listed some pandemic-proof businesses that can give you extra income amid the COVID-19 crisis now. Here are five (5) businesses that you may start with:

  • Online Grocery Store
    • Nowadays, more and more people are into online shopping. Many people prefer to go for online shopping as it does not only save them time, money, and energy but it also reduces their exposure to the crowd amid the pandemic.
  • Online Bakery
    • Are you fond of baking or you plan to start learning how to bake and make money from it? It can also be an excellent work amid the crisis. While people cut off on budget for other things, the food is always an essential.
  • Food and Delivery Service
    • Nowadays, many people prefer ordering food and have it delivered at their doorstep. This is truer in areas wherein restaurants are not allowed to open in a full capacity. Based on the article, making a deal with certain restaurants and stores to delivery their orders can be an excellent source of income.
  • Mobile Coffee Shops
    • A huge part of the populace loves coffee. Opening a mobile coffee shop that can draw attention can help you earn more amid the crisis.
  • e-Loading Service
    • You can earn even at the comfort of your home with an e-loading business. Truths be told that most people now needs load daily for several purposes which includes communication with their loved ones.

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