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Philippines-Israel Direct Flights Possible by October

Direct Flights Taking Philippines-Israel Route Eyed in October

PHILIPPINES-ISRAEL – The Philippine Airlines (PAL) and the delegation of Israel are eyeing direct flights between the two (2) countries by October.

One of the business field that are greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is the airline industry. Amid the locking down of several nations, many flights had to be cancelled in adherence to the regulations and restrictions set.

Currently, in the Philippines, leisure travel is not advised amid the ongoing increase on the COVID-19 cases in the country. Many people also opt not to fly abroad or go home to the country now and just wait for the situation to get better.

This COVID-19 pandemic is undeniably a huge challenge to many businesses. Several companies were forced to shut down as they were not able to withstand the demands of the pandemic.

Philippines-Israel Direct Flights
Photo: Business Traveller

The airline industry is even seeking for loan guarantees from the government amid the COVID-19 crisis. They are asking it from the government so private banks can trust them in lending them some funds amid the situation now.

Meanwhile, the airline industry continues to better its services and boost the convenience it offers to travelers. Based on an article on ABS-CBN News, Philippines-Israel direct flights may be available starting October.

The Philippine Airlines or more commonly called as PAL, one of the biggest carriers in the country, talked with the delegation of Israel over the target direct Philippines-Israel flights by October. Based on the report, the flights would be Manila-Tel Aviv, the capitals of two (2) countries.

Israel Ministry of Tourism director general Amir Halevi expressed that non-stop flights between the two (2) countries would be a “game changer for tourism and business connectivity”.

“This time Israel has a unique advantage as a safe and healthy country. We hope to welcome you soon in Israel!,” the delegate of Israel said.

According to PAL, it is already working on its plans over the said target direct flights between the two (2) countries. The airline wants to cater the demands for travel to the Holy Land. There are around 28,000 Filipinos working in Israel and many people also want to visit the Holy Land.

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