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Xiaomi – United States To Remove Chinese Company from Blacklist

United States Agrees To Patch Things Up w/ Xiaomi & Remove It from Blacklist

XIAOMI – The United States will remove the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi from the blacklist and agreed to resolve the conflict.

One of the last events that took place before former U.S. President Donald Trump stepped down was putting Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company, in the blacklist. Truths be told that U.S. and China have a rift and it was one of the then President’s last jabs against Beijing.

There were allegations that the said tech company is owned or controlled by the military of China. It is only of the many Chinese companies placed in the blacklist under the Trump administration.

In the recent election, the bid of Trump for re-election was challenged by then former U.S. vice president Joe Biden. He was the next highest government official during the time of former Pres. Barack Obama.

Photo: CNBC

It was close election fight for Trump and Biden until the results elected the latter as the new president of the United States. Initially, the former was not convinced by the result of the political race.

Under the leadership of U.S. Pres. Joe Biden now, the U.S. government will remove Xiaomi from the blacklist. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, it was confirmed by the Defense Department of the country following a court filing stating that the government and the company will patch things up.

White House National Security Council Emily Horne expressed that the current administration is concerned about potential US investments in companies that were put in the blacklist for the alleged link to the China military.

Based on the report, a spokesperson of Xiaomi expressed that the tech firm is watching closely the latest developments. Following the news of its removal from the U.S. blacklist, the share of the Chinese company in Hong Kong immediately soared by 6%.

Xiamomi previously filed a lawsuit against the US government over the issue of being placed in the blacklist. It stressed that it is “unlawful and unconstitutional”. Reportedly, several other companies in the blacklist are planning to do the same.

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