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Jollibee Opens in London Near Buckingham Palace

New Jollibee Food Store Opens in London

JOLLIBEE – The Jollibee Foods Corporation opened its new flagship food store in London near the Buckingham Palace.

In the Philippines, one of the most popular food chain is Jollibee. It is known as a kiddie food store but it is open for everyone and has been an advocate of the importance of family since it started.

The said food chain is most popular for its crispy chickenjoy which everyone loves but it also offers French fries, spaghetti, palabok, hamburger, and pies like the peach mango pie and the tuna pie. It also has desserts like ice cream which comes in different choices – the most popular, the Sundae, and the Jolly Crunchy Twirl.

Aside from its chickenjoy, the said food chain also has other rice meal offers. It has breakfast meals which include longganisa with rice, burger steak with rice, and lumpia shanghai with rice among others. You may also opt to order delicious pancakes for breakfast.

Photo lifted from ABS-CBN News

Jollibee really built a name in the Philippines and it has several branches and franchise stores across the nation. It is also making a name abroad.

There are several Jollibee stores in the different countries abroad. They are undeniably bringing the Philippine comfort to the Filipinos abroad and as well as introduce to other races what Filipinos can offer. Many Filipinos abroad satisfy their cravings through the Filipino restaurants and food chains.

Recently, another Jollibee food chain opened abroad. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the said new food store is in London, near the Buckingham Palace.

The said food chain is a flagship store that is located in the heart of London. On Twitter, British Ambassador to the Philippines Daniel Pruce congratulated the company for its latest restaurant in the United Kingdom.

The said store is not the first food chain of Jollibee in the United Kingdom. In 2020, it also opened a food store in Liverpool. The goal does not stop with the latest opening. According to the report, the JFC is planning to achieve 50 stores across Europe by the year 2025.

Across the globe, JFC is operates in 33 countries already with 5,800 stores. It is in the pursuit to be one of the Top 5 restaurant operators in the world.

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