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Prices of Vegetables in Metro Manila Markets Decrease, Here’s A List

Guide on the Prices of Vegetables in Markets in Metro Manila Now

PRICES OF VEGETABLES – The prices of the different veggies in markets in Metro Manila decreased and here is a list of some of the current prices.

Undeniably, many households in the Philippines now are greatly suffering from the COVID-19 crisis. Many people lost their jobs amid the crisis and a portion of these individuals are breadwinners of their families. Many companies that were not able to withstand the demands of the pandemic had no choice but to close.

Unfortunately, while sources of income are becoming rare now, the expenses are still the same – if not more. These expenses include the money for food, everyday transportation or gas, utility bill payments, etc. Putting food on the table now is twice challenging.

Meanwhile, there is a good news for people living in Metro Manila. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the prices of vegetables in the capital region decreased.

Prices of Vegetables in Metro Manila
Photo: Business Mirror

According to the report, at Muñoz Market, the decrease in the prices of vegetables specifically cabbage, carrots, and Baguio pechay is within the range of Php. 20.00 and Php. 50.00. You may refer to the prices below:

  • Cabbage→ P130 – P150 per kilo now from P180-P200
  • Carrots→ P160 per kilo now from P150-P200
  • Pechay Baguio→ P120 – P150 per kilo now from P140-P180

There are also lower prices of veggies at Commonwealth Market now. The cabbage and the pechay Baguio are two (2) of the veggies which the prices have a huge drop.

  • Squash→ P40-P50 per kilo now from P50-P60/kilo
  • Cabbage→ P140 – P160 per kilo now from P200/kilo
  • Pechay Baguio→ P140 – P160 per kilo now from P200
  • Sayote→ P100 per kilo now from P80-P100

At Galas market, not only the price of the vegetables but as well as the price of pork decreased. According to Department of Agriculture (DA) Assistant Secretary Kristine Evangelista, it is now the time of the year when the harvest is good for the supply most especially in Metro Manila.

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