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PH Business Adviser Joey Concepcion Speaks on Granular Lockdown

PH Business Adviser Joey Concepcion Believes Granular Lockdown “Right Approach”

PH BUSINESS ADVISER – Presidential adviser for entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion spoke on implementing granular lockdown in Metro Manila.

Two (2) of the most affected fields in the fight against COVID-19 are the healthcare system and the economy. The authorities are facing a huge challenge in balancing the response to both fields for more than a year now. Truth be told that much-needed strict lockdowns greatly affected businesses.

In fact, many businesses were not able to cope with the week-long if not month-long strict lockdowns that limited their operations. They had no choice but to close their companies or establishments.

The closure of many businesses resulted in the loss of income for many people which is another problem to hurdle amid the crisis now. Many of those who lost their job are parents and breadwinners of their families.

PH Business Adviser Joey Concepcion
Photo: Bilyonaryo Business News

During the recent spike of the COVID-19 cases, groups of businessmen hoped that the virus would be contained to prevent long lockdowns to take place again. Metro Manila had to be placed under the strictest level of community quarantine measure, the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), again.

ECQ was downgraded to Modified ECQ after two (2) weeks. Recently, the measure was further downgraded to General Community Quarantine (GCQ) along with the approval of granular lockdown in Metro Manila. It is set starting today until the end of the month.

Under the granular lockdown, the authorities will implement a localized lockdown scheme based on the cases in a city. Thus, the cities would be under different alert levels that would determine the allowed business operation in a city.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, PH business adviser Joey Concepcion believes that the granular lockdown is the “right approach” although it is really challenging to implement. He stressed that the authorities really have to be “data-driven” and to have a good implementation team and more security people.

The PH Business Adviser stressed that if the country will not try new things, it will not be able to live with the pandemic. He stressed that it is really worth the try despite how challenging it can be and it’s “good to pilot it at this point in time”.

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