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Cebu Pacific Super Pass Voucher Now at P99 Only – “Fly When You Can”

Get Cebu Pacific Super Pass for Only Php 99.00

CEBU PACIFIC SUPER PASS – The Cebu Pacific Air is currently offering a “fly when you can” travel voucher at P99.00 only. Here are the details.

Undeniably, the tourism field is one of the industries greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. From time to time, travel restrictions are up in different countries in the pursuit to curb the spread of coronavirus. Many Filipinos abroad also find it hard to go home to the country due to the frequent changes. Airlines greatly suffer as well.

Not only international travel but as well as domestic ones are affected by the pandemic. The whole Philippines remains under community quarantine measures now and there are protocols observed in traveling.

Meanwhile, amid the struggles in traveling now, Cebu Pacific Air came up with a flexible offer for the passengers considering the changing situations now. It is the Cebu Pacific Super Pass voucher.

Cebu Pacific Super Pass

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the Cebu Pacific Super Pass voucher comes at P99.00 only. Under the “fly when you can” promo, it allows customers to take domestic flights to any destination.

The offer is part of Cebu Pacific Air’s 25th-year celebration. The offer is up until September 16. The travel voucher comes with a P99.00 one-way base fare for domestic flights which can be used from September 16, 2021, to September 30, 2021.

According to Cebu Pacific Vice President Candice Iyog, their company believes that the offer is timely for the “fluid” situation in the country now. She stressed that it is an option for guests who are decided to travel but are quite not sure of the dates and the destinations.

The said Cebu Pacific Super Pass voucher can be purchased at the website of Cebu Pacific. Payments can be done online or you may also use your Travel Funds.

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