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Huge Pump Price Increase Set Again on October 12, 2021

Update on Pump Price Increase To Be Implemented by Oil Companies

PUMP PRICE – The prices of gasoline, diesel, and kerosene are set for another huge increase starting October 12, 2021 (Tuesday).

Truth be told that one of the important things in the Philippines and across the globe now is fuel. The number of transportation vehicles in the country continue to increase in number as people realize the benefits of having one. You can get a car even without paying for it in full through a loan.

If you have your own car, you can get to your destination at your target time. You and your family may also travel at a speed that is safe for all of you. Having at least one car in a household and at least two (2) people who can drive are undeniably one of the best preparation for emergency cases.

However, if you are a car owner, you must also deal with the expenses on the fuel. There is an extended truth to it that pump price don’t stick to the same amount or is not fixed. There are cases of rollback and there are also times of increase.

Pump Price
Photo: The Week

Recently, an update about another huge pump price increase crossed the surface. Based on an article on ABS-CBN News, oil companies such as Shell, Seaoil, PetroGazz, and Cleanfuel made an announcement about the increase.

Pump Price Increase

Shell and Seaoil will start implementing the following price increase starting October 12, 2021 at 6:00 in the morning:

  • Gasoline = +P1.30/L
  • Diesel = +P1.50/L
  • Kerosene = +P1.45/L

PetroGazz will implement the following increase starting 4:01 in the afternoon:

  • Gasoline = +P1.30/L
  • Diesel = +P1.50/L

Cleanfuel will implement the following pump price increase starting 4:01 in the afternoon on October 12, 2021 based on the report:

  • Gasoline = +P1.30/L
  • Diesel = +P1.50/L

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