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Oil Price Decrease for Gasoline, Kerosene Set on November 16

Details of Oil Price Decrease Set on Gasoline, Kerosene

OIL PRICE DECREASE – Oil companies announced that the prices of gasoline and kerosene will drop starting November 16, 2021.

The series of pump price hikes greatly affected the drivers of public utility vehicles (PUVs) in the Philippines. Even prior to the price increase that went on for several weeks, the drivers were already struggling to cope with the demands of the pandemic.

In PUVs, the capacity was reduced to pave the way for social distancing. It is apart from the fact that the number of daily commuters reduced amid the new normal.

Students compose one of the big chunks in the population of daily computers. Amid the pandemic, schools adapted blended learning that delivers the lessons to the students through online classes and modules. Thus, the students do not need to go to school.

Oil Price Decrease

Amid the demands of the pandemic and the series of oil price hikes in the Philippines, PUV drivers called for help from the government. Several transport groups united in filing a petition that seeks to increase the minimum fare by P3.00 – from P9.00 to P12.00.

The government assured the PUV drivers that there is a budget allotted to be released as fuel subsidies to those who are affected by the oil price hike. The transport groups have decided not to withdraw their appeal for the increase of the minimum fare while they have yet to receive the cash assistance from the government.

Also, the government is discussing the possible lifting of the excise tax on oil in pursuit of lowering oil prices. Meanwhile, while no decision has been made yet, a report about the oil price decrease crossed the surface.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, there will be an oil price decrease on gasoline and kerosene starting November 16, 2021. The following are the new prices beginning Tuesday:

Caltex (Alas-12 ng hatinggabi)

Shell, Seaoil (Alas-6 ng umaga)

PetroGazz (Alas-6 ng umaga)

Cleanfuel (Alas-8:01 ng umaga)

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