Requirements for GSIS Portability Law Retirement Benefit — A Guide For Members

List of Requirements for GSIS Portability Law Application for Retirement Benefit

Here are the requirements for the GSIS Portability Law in case you do not qualify to all the other retirement benefit programs of the Government Service Insurance System.

When it comes to preparations for the future, truth be told that a lot of individuals want to ensure that they get a retirement benefit when the time comes that they officially decide to leave the employment field or usually at 60.

In the Philippines, there are at least two (2) social insurance institutions that offer retirement benefits — the Government Service Insurance System or the GSIS and the Social Security System or the SSS.

However, there is a requirement when it comes to these retirement benefits. In case a member’s contributions and account do not meet the qualifications set by the Retirement Programs, the Retirement Benefit can be filed under the GSIS Portability Law.

The GSIS Portability Law allows the adding up of the GSIS and SSS contributions. Here are the requirements for GSIS Portability Law filing of claim:

  1. duly-accomplished application form for Retirement benefit under RA 7669
  2. Certification of SSS premium contributions indicating number and inclusive months of contributions signed by authorized SSS Officer.
  3. Service Record with Leave without Pay (LWOP) certification (indicating specific time and dates of LWOP)
  4. Declaration of Pendency/ Non-Pendency of Case (DPNPC) form (date administered/ notarized should be on or after receipt of notification from GSIS.
GSIS Retirement Benefit Application

Be reminded that under the GSIS Portability Law or the Republic Act 7699, not only the contributions paid by the member-retiree to GSIS will be considered but as well as the portion of the contribution made by the employer.

With regards to the contributions and the portions paid by the member’s employer to the Social Security System, the state-run social insurance giant “shall shoulder the portion corresponding to your service or contributions to that System”.

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