GSIS Portability Law — Who Are Qualified To Apply for Retirement Pension under it

Guide on GSIS Portability Law Qualifications for Retirement Benefit Claim Filing

Here are the qualifications under the GSIS Portability Law for retirees who did not meet the eligibility criteria of other retirement programs.

Some GSIS members started their contributions when they were only 25 years old as they managed to enter the field of employed in a government office at an early age. In other cases, it happened when they were 30 years old, 35 years old, and even beyond. Thus, not all members may qualify for the following GSIS Retirement Programs:

  1. RA 8291 (GSIS Act of 1997)
  2. Presidential Decree (PD) 1146 (Pension or Cash Payment)
  3. RA 1616 (“Take All” Benefit)
  4. RA 660 (Magic 87)

Meanwhile, for the retiring members who may not qualify, there is another offer — the GSIS Portability Law. It was crafted for the members of the Government Service Insurance System who fall in the following categories:

  • not entitled for the pension benefit from either or both the GSIS o Social Security System (SSS) because you are unable to meet the requirement period of service or number of contributions
  • less than 120 months of SS contributions or less than 180 months of creditable government service (GSIS) at the time of retirement

The GSIS Portability Law provides the totalization of the period of creditable service or contributions under both SSS and GSIS for purposes of eligibility and computations of benefits.

According to the state-run social insurance institution, the amount for the GSIS member-retiree shall be proportionate to the services rendered or periods of contributions made.

Requirements GSIS Portability Law ads

GSIS noted that the benefit under the Portability Law is in the form of a monthly pension that is payable starting 60 years old. The total contributions of the member and the portion that his/her employer paid will be considered. The SSS will do the same.

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