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Peso-US Dollar Exchange Rate For Today January 3, 2020 (Friday)

Guide on the Peso-US Dollar Exchange Rate for Today January 3, 2020 (Friday)

PESO-US DOLLAR EXCHANGE RATE – Here is a guide on the exchange rates between the Philippine Peso and the United States Dollar today, January 3, 2020 (Friday).

A lot of Filipinos flew abroad in the hope of earning more and being able to give the life they want for their families. Undeniably, several households are always falling short of budget due to numerous monthly expenses including the rent, the food expenses, the daily transportation fees, the tuition fees of the kids, etc.

Many Pinoys have accepted the fact that although they will be away from their families, they may earn twice or several folds of what they can earn in the country. However, there is an intense sadness and longing to live away from your families and not everyone was blessed with a humane and generous employer abroad.

These Pinoys who work abroad would usually send a huge part of their salaries to their loved ones in the Philippines. It may be through a bank or a money remittance center.

Peso-US Dollar Exchange Rate

To be able to use the money in the Philippines, the foreign currency sent must be converted to Philippine Peso. It is done at the bank or money exchange center. Most people who have their money converted to Philippine Peso bring United States (US) Dollars.

Everyday, the Philippine Peso-US Dollar exchange rate varies. Also, some banks like the Landbank of the Philippines have set different rates on buying of dollars and selling of dollars.

For today, January 3, 2020 (Friday), both exchange rates for buying and selling did not fall below Php 50.00. Here is the Peso-US Dollar exchange rate for buying today and as well as for selling as set by Landbank:

  • For buying, US $1.00 is equal to Php 50.40
  • For selling, US $1.00 is equal to Php 51.00

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