GCash Fees: Guide on the Charges for Cash In, Cash Out

Details about the GCash Fees for Cash In, Cash Out Processes

GCASH FEES – Here is a guide on the charges implemented by GCash for cash in and cash out processes depending on modes.

Virtual wallets are a thing nowadays. They have paved the way for faster and smoother transactions like business deals, online shopping, and other purposes that require the transfer of money. There are several platforms that set virtual wallets.

In the Philippines, one of the most popular virtual wallets is GCash. A lot of Filipinos have their own GCash accounts which they use for various purposes – making payments for what they bought online, paying for the utility bills, sending money to their loved ones across the miles, etc.

Furthermore, there are even a lot of GCash account holders who are not only using their virtual wallets but they also have a GCash Mastercard that they use in cashing out their money for certain instances.

GCash Fees

Like in other virtual wallet companies, there are also GCash fees that aspiring account holders must be aware of. Two (2) of the common processes are the cash in or the depositing of the money to the virtual wallet and the cash out, the withdrawal or sending of the money from the virtual wallet.

There are different modes in cashing in and cashing out money to and from your GCash account. You can do it through over-the-counter, online banking, and GCash Mastercard.

With regards to the charges for cash in, you may visit – GCash Cash In Fee via Over-the-Counter, Online Banking, Remittance.

For the cash out charges, feel free to visit – GCash Cash Out Fee via Over-the-Counter Partners, ATM.

GCash has several over-the-counter partners including Family Mart, CVM Pawnshop, Villarica Pawnshop, Tambunting Pawnshop, Jaro Pawnshop, Puregold Supermarket, ExpressPay, TrueMoney, PeraHUB, SM Store, and Robinsons.

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