MMDA Driving Violations & Penalties 2024 — A Guide for Drivers

Check the MMDA Driving Violations & the Penalties Below

MMDA DRIVING VIOLATIONS – Here are the common driving violations and the penalties set by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

Metro Manila is undeniably one of the busiest places in the Philippines. It is where heavy traffic is a common sight and the authorities are dealing with a constant challenge to ease the situation. Among these authorities are the officers of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority or more popularly called MMDA.

MMDA Driving Violations & Penalties 2024
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The MMDA implements driving and traffic rules and regulations to manage the traffic in Metro Manila as well as boost the safety of everyone in the road. The traffic officials have set lists of driving violations and penalties under each.

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Undeniably, there are these so-called common driving violations in Metro Manila. Here are the MMDA driving violations and penalties 2024:

MMDA Violation CodeTraffic ViolationPenalty – 1st OffensePenalty – 2nd OffensePenalty – 3rd Offense
046Allowing passenger on top of the vehicle₱150₱150₱150
222Violation of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act₱5,000₱10,000₱15,000 + 3-month suspension of driver’s license | 4th offense: ₱20,000 + revocation of driver’s license
170Violation of the right-hand drive ban₱500₱500₱500
135Colored/Tinted/Painted windshield₱500₱500₱500
030Cutting an overtaken vehicle₱150₱150₱150
118Defective/Broken brakes/equipment/windshield₱150₱150₱150
003/003DDisregarding traffic signs₱150₱150₱150
023ADriving against traffic₱2,000 + 3-month suspension of driver’s license₱2,000 + 6-month suspension of driver’s license₱2,000 + revocation of driver’s license
052Driving in a place not for traffic₱150₱150₱150
066Driving under the influence of drugs₱2,000₱2,000 + 1-year suspension of driver’s license₱2,000 + revocation of driver’s license
065Driving under the influence of liquor₱2,000₱2,000 + 1-year suspension of driver’s license₱2,000 + revocation of driver’s license
212Excess passenger/cargo₱1,000₱1,000₱1,000
045Failure to dim headlights/give proper signal/give way to an overtaking vehicle/give way to police vehicle/fire truck/ambulance₱150₱150₱150
044Failure to stop motor and notch handbrake of the motor when unattended₱150₱150₱150
194Failure to use the seatbelt₱250₱500₱1,000 + 1-week suspension of driver’s license
040Failure to yield right of way₱150₱150₱150
023BIllegal or unauthorized counterflow₱2,000 + 3-month suspension of driver’s license₱2,000 + 6-month suspension of driver’s license₱2,000 + revocation of driver’s license
014Illegal overtaking₱150₱150₱150
226Illegal parking (attended)₱1,000₱1,000₱1,000
224Illegal parking (unattended)₱2,000₱2,000₱2,000
008Illegal turning₱150₱150₱150
178Illegal/Unsafe towing₱150₱150₱150
099Improper/Defective horn/signaling device₱150₱150₱150
031Increasing speed when overtaken₱150₱150₱150
103No brake lights₱150₱150₱150
128JNo motorcycle helmet₱1,500₱3,000₱5,000 | Succeeding offenses: ₱10,000 + confiscation of driver’s license
219JNo ICC/PS Mark sticker on the helmet₱3,000₱5,000N/A
136No tailgate₱300₱300₱300
201No contact overspeeding₱1,200₱1,200₱1,200
105No/Cut muffler₱150₱150₱150
098No/Defective handbrake₱150₱150₱150
022Overnight parking₱500₱500₱500
201MOverspeeding along Diosdado Macapagal Ave.₱2,000₱2,000₱2,000
201POverspeeding physical apprehension₱1,200₱1,200₱1,200
036Overtaking at an intersection/at No Overtaking Zone/at railway grade crossing/at an unsafe distance/between Men Working: Caution signs/upon a crest of grade/upon a curve/when the left side is not visible or clear₱150₱150₱150
035Overtaking at railway grade crossing₱150₱150₱150
038Overtaking at no overtaking zone₱150₱150₱150
029Overtaking at unsafe distance₱150₱150₱150
037Overtaking between men working or caution signs₱150₱150₱150
033Overtaking upon a crest of grade₱150₱150₱150
034Overtaking upon a curve₱150₱150₱150
032Overtaking when left side not visible or clear₱150₱150₱150
004/004DReckless driving₱500₱750 + suspension of driver’s license₱1,000 + revocation of driver’s license
171Smoke belching₱200₱200₱200
188Sporting dazzling headlights, neon lights, broken lens₱500₱500₱500
187Stainless/Nickel/Chrome-plated, shiny vehicle parts₱500₱500₱500
005Stalled vehicle₱200₱200₱200
1203Towing fee for stalled/illegally parked heavy vehicles₱4,500₱4,500₱4,500
1202Towing fee for stalled/illegally parked medium vehicles₱2,500₱2,500₱2,500
1201Towing fee for stalled/illegally parked light vehicles₱1,500₱1,500₱1,500
180Unsafe load/cargo₱150₱150₱150
067Using the vehicle in committing a crime₱10,000 + revocation of driver’s licenseN/AN/A
130Violation of color scheme₱375₱375₱375

How to pay for the MMDA violation fee? There are actually several ways that you can pay for the fine set by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

  • Step 1 — Check if your MMDA ticket or the Ordinance Violation Receipt (OVR) was issued by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.
    • If the ticket is from the MMDA, go to any Bayad Center and SM Bills Payment outlet nationwide to pay the penalty if it was issued within seven (7) days. If it was issued more than a week already, you can do the following:
      • If within Metro Manila, go to the MMDA Redemption Center at EDSA corner Orense Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati
      • If outside Metro Manila, contact the MMDA Redemption Center via the following contact details:
        • Landline – 882-4151 to 77 local 1164 or 1165 / (02) 882-2629
        • Mobile – 09430331962 / 09178598616
        • Email[email protected]

You may pay for the MMDA driving violations penalties online via GrabPay, GCash, or Maya.

  • Step 1 — In the dashboard of your GCash account, choose the Bills options and click/tap Government. Scroll down and tap/click MMDA.
  • Step 2 — Complete the payment form and follow all the prompts until the confirmation of the payment.
  • Step 1 — Log in to your Grab app and tap/click Payment.
  • Step 2 — Tap/Click MMDA from the list of billers.
  • Step 3 — Enter your account number, violation code, violation type, and clearance fee. Review your details then complete the payment.
  • Step 1 — On your Maya account dashboard, tap/click Pay Bill
  • Step 2 — Enter the MMDA Reference Number and the amount you wish to settle.
  • Step 3 — Enter your name, violation code, and clearance fee. Review the details and then click/tap Pay.

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