Secure Your Investments: Grab These Coins Before the Next Crypto Bull Run

The crypto market is deep in a bear market right now, but every bear market eventually comes to an end. And when the time comes, you should be ready. Take advantage of the opportunity to invest in promising coins now before the next bull run in order to benefit from rising crypto prices at a later date.

16 Coins To Buy Before The Next Crypto Bull Run

  • Sponge V2 – Rapid launch of the new stake-to-bridge coin, which is based on the 100x coin Sponge V1; enormous staking potential and P2E approach
  • Bitcoin Minetrix – Cloud mining coin with various passive return options; Token available for pre-sale for just $0.011; Future-oriented roadmap thanks to staking.
  • Meme Kombat – Extremely exciting new presale coin based on Ethereum Chain, with extensive Stake to Earn and Play to Earn approach; transparent team behind the project.
  • TG.Casino Token – New staking coin in presale with its own Telegram casino behind it; various reward systems integrated plus 100 million tokens in total.
  • Wall Street Memes – Exciting meme crypto project with large community and airdrop rewards; was already successful in presale.
  • 5thScape – The 5SCAPE token can be a very interesting choice for the next bull run; Behind the VR approach is a company that invests in innovation and cryptocurrency.
  • Launchpad XYZ – Web3 platform aiming to become the next 100x token; Together with AiDoge, we are well on our way to triggering the next bull run.
  • eTukTuk – eTukTuks should be made socially acceptable as a solution for combustion engines in public transport. Smart contracts and earning opportunities play a central role.
  • DeeLance – Decentralized freelance and recruiter platform based on Web3 technology, which works with rewards/airdrops and offers great potential for early entry.
  • Green Bitcoin – $GBTC is a new presale cryptocurrency that combines blockchain technology with a novel and lucrative gamified green staking mechanism while being environmentally conscious.
  • Bitcoin – Established cryptocurrency with high value and long-term positive growth, currently at more than €30,000 per Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum – The second largest cryptocurrency with smart contracts, which, like Bitcoin, promises excellent long-term growth and has developed positively over the last few years.
  • Cardano – The platform that connects different blockchains whose token ADA is already traded on many crypto exchanges.
  • XRP – Fast and cheap crypto payment network, which is primarily known as Ripple and aims to make international payment transactions faster and more cost-effective.
  • Polygon – Fast-growing Layer 2 Protocol crypto that aims to create cheap and, above all, fast transactions for Ethereum and other platforms.
  • Chainlink – Decentralized Oracle network that connects smart contracts with real data sources and is built on Ethereum.

Detailed Analysis of the Next Bull Run Crypto Coins

The first coin launches are already emerging that, thanks to their convincing philosophy, are ideally prepared for the next bull run. In the following detailed analysis, you will learn everything you need to know about the emerging cryptocurrencies on our top list before the next bull run begins. In short: We give you the tools you need to invest in the best cryptocurrencies.

1. Sponge V2 Token – Stake-2 Bridge & Great Potential

In the current crypto market, the Sponge Token V2 stands out from the growing number of Bullrun Coins. The new cryptocurrency is particularly attractive for Filipino investors because its novel approach and strategic features harmonize with the current bull run momentum.

The revolutionary staking mechanism in Sponge V2 is the main attraction. He encourages investors to hold Sponge V1 to get Sponge V2. This not only ensures long-term investment but also lays the foundation for significant growth, which is essential in bull runs.

Why invest in $SPONGEV2?

Sponge V2’s strategy is particularly attractive to Filipino investors as they are known for prioritizing stability and long-term profits. In a bull run scenario, this crypto ICO’s ambitious roadmap – which includes a play-to-earn game and improved stock exchange listings – could lead to rapid growth and expansion.

For investors who want to bet on the current crypto bubble, the Sponge Token V2 is an attractive prospect thanks to its strategic use, community participation, and growth potential, making it a perfect bullrun coin. The Sponge V2 forecast currently looks very good.

Presale startedDecember 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, bank card
Based onSponge V1
Token Total150 billion
Max. investmentNone

Sponge V2: Version 2 of the 100x meme coin with high staking potential

  • Revolutionary stake-to-bridge approach
  • Buy V1 & automatically stake and earn V2
  • Bonuses & rewards in presale


2. Bitcoin Minetrix – Cloud Mining & Staking in One

With this stake-to-mine coin, investors who want to diversify – and do so wisely – are doing everything right! Because Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​not just an extremely future-oriented coin. But above all, thanks to its technical structure, many experts forecast it to be the coin of the hour.

The BTCMTX Coin makes staking a fundamental part of its presence. Anyone who buys Bitcoin Minetrix will have the option to burn tokens from the app’s launch. This then earns Bitcoin through the brand new cloud mining. So anyone can earn BTC by investing in this presale.

Why invest in BTCMTX?

So anyone who becomes part of the community and owns the project’s coins can earn Bitcoin. And with that, you are automatically invested in the most valuable crypto token in the world. This also makes it possible to earn passive returns in the long term.

Presale startedSeptember 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, BNB
In total4,000,000,000 tokens
Presale tokens70%
Hard cap$32 million

Buy Bitcoin Minetrix now

3. Meme Kombat – Staking Project with High Future Prospects

Meme Kombat is about to outshine all other new coins. And perhaps even some of the largest cryptocurrencies. Because here two crucial things are connected: Stake-2-Earn and Play-2-Earn. This means that you can make both short-term and long-term returns with the coin. Experts agree: Buying $MK is worth it, especially in the presale.

The Gamify concept is powerful. Well-known and popular memes compete against each other in a competitive arena. You can bet on which character will win. If you are correct, you will receive tokens as a reward. These can then be used for new bets or staking.

Why Invest in Meme Kombat?

This coin is better than typical meme coins but develops the same hype. And there’s also the chance to earn interest. This also unlocks a lot of speed, which makes $MK stand out from the competition. Because short-term gaming fun is combined with long-term investment opportunities.

We have not seen comparable coin projects yet. In addition, the design, implementation, and AI approach speak for themselves. Matt Whiteman, the well-known project manager behind $MK, also makes a huge impression in terms of seriousness. Buying Meme Kombat and storing it in your crypto wallet can be worthwhile – unlike other coins, it’s definitely worth a look.

Presale startedSeptember 2023
Purchase methodETH & USDT
In total12,000,000 tokens
Presale tokens50%
Hard cap10,000,000 tokens

Buy Meme Kombat now

4. TG.Casino Token – Large Supply, Top Staking Mechanism

The TG Casino Token is more than just a coin with a casino behind it. The presale must first be completed before the casino can be started. What does “must” mean? The presale is exactly what makes the $TGC token so exciting. Because with a coin price of $o.125, getting started is easy – and the potential is huge.

Everyone who buys the TG.Casino token also invests in the casino and contributes to the staking mechanism of the project. So you are a real investor, not just a buyer. You can invest in the coin with ETH, USDT, and BSC.

Why buy the $TGC token?

The reasons are varied. Or rather: the advantages. Because real investors know that they should diversify their portfolios. And with a “gambling” token like TGC, that’s exactly what is achieved. On the one hand, you can play with the tokens in the casino. On the other hand, the investment is also very profitable thanks to staking.

Currently, the staking APY is over 3000%. This is remarkable – and the community that wants to support this coin is growing. This shows where the coin can go. And in the event of a bull run, those who have already bought TG.Casino tokens in the presale to store them in the anonymous crypto wallet would have a clear advantage.

Presale startedSeptember 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT
In total100,000,000 tokens
Presale tokens40%
Hard cap$5,000,000

5. Wall Street Memes – Community Tokens With Potential

Wall Street memes humorously poke fun at the financial industry. But the project itself is seriously poised for success. This also occupies an exclusive place in our Meme Coins leaderboard and drives the meme concept forward.

There are not only more than 1 million supporters behind the project, made up of Reddit and Twitter users. But a project team that started 2021 with an NFT certificate was sold out in just under half an hour.

Why invest in $WSM?

Investing in $WSM is interesting because the project is actively gathering an ever-growing community around itself. Especially because the presale has just been successfully completed, now is a good time to consider investing in WSM. Taking action now could mean you can expect a big ROI in the next bull market.

6. 5thScape – Virtual Reality as a Future Project with Tokens

5thScape is another crypto with a future, as a pioneer in innovation. The project combines VR games with cryptocurrencies. The way the company builds a complete VR environment with custom chairs and headgear will forever change the way people play games.

Thanks to this innovative combination, 5thScape has what it takes to develop one of the best bull run coins that Filipino investors are currently eyeing.

Why invest in 5Scape?

5thScape wants to do more than just make games. They are about to usher in a new era of crypto gaming by developing parallel realities that players can immerse themselves in and where the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are blurred.

They are so committed to improving every facet of gaming that they are focused on building an entire VR ecosystem. Every aspect, from the complicated headsets to the new 5SCAPE coin, is designed to immerse you in the crypto world.

Presale startedJanuary 2024
Payment methodsTBA
Hard cap$25,110,999
Min InvestNot specified
Max InvestNot specified

7. Launchpad XYZ – Strong Web3 Coin With Bull Run Potential

Launchpad is a user-centric gateway with the goal of democratizing access to the entire Web 3 ecosystem for those new to the crypto industry. The trick to widespread Web3 use is familiarity with its features.

Launchpad’s goal is to create a hub for Web 3 that serves as a “humanized, curated portal” giving users easy access to the most promising Web 3 projects and fully owned cryptocurrencies.

These initiatives will include many Web 3.0 features, from NFTs to play-to-earn games and beyond. To bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2, Launchpad also plans to develop a simple Web3 wallet that makes buying crypto easier for beginners.

Why invest in $LPX?

So, the absolute goal of Launchpad is to create a central platform that brings together all relevant resources in one place. A hub where third-generation internet natives can find the essential features they need to build blockchain apps and assets.

In general, even though the presale coin launch is just over, we are pretty sure that the Launchpad

Presale startedApril 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, BNB, credit card
Hard cap$12,500,000
Minimum investment100 tokens
Max. investmentNone

8. eTukTuk – Electric TukTuks for More Sustainability

We are getting closer to the predicted date for the next crypto bull run and one thing is clear: in the bull run, the projects that will perform best are those that are truly future-proof. Earn money with crypto and do something good – thanks to eTukTuk it is possible.

eTukTuk is therefore almost certainly exactly the candidate you have been waiting for. As the name suggests, this is all about electric TukTuks, or rickshaws as they are also called. In developing countries, these are THE means of transport in the public sector alongside buses. Thanks to the project discussed, these should now become environmentally friendly.

eTukTuk is not just aimed at developing new vehicles. In addition to the companions, charging stations, an app and an economy in the form of smart contracts will also be created. As a $TUK investor, you play a central role and have the opportunity to generate returns through the loading fees. If that sounds interesting to you, you can buy the $TUK token in the presale before the next bull run. It currently costs $0.024 there. The exact listing date will be announced soon.

Presale startedAugust 2023
Payment methodsBNB, USDT, USD
ChainBinance, BNB
Hard cap2,000,000,000
Min InvestNot specified
Max InvestNot specified

9. DeeLance – Decentralized Freelance Platform

DeeLance has set itself the mission of nothing less than to completely revolutionize the entire freelancing market. And with a completely decentralized system! This means that at DeeLance there will be no middleman between companies and freelancers.

What there should be, however, are functions that solve current problems in the freelancing market with innovative approaches. DeeLance has particularly declared war on the misuse of intellectual property and non-payment by companies.

DeeLance is associated with enormous financial interest from freelancers and companies alike. Because the project offers innovations in several areas. Employee search, a future-proof freelancing platform, an NFT marketplace, and embedding in the metaverse are particularly interesting for investors. The coin is currently still in presale. However, for many, there is no question that DeeLance will be one of the next bullish cryptos.

Why invest in $DLANCE?

There is already a lot of trust in DeeLance. This is already shown by the presale, in which the token is selling extremely well. The coin has already generated well over $1 million and will move into its next presale phase in two weeks. From there, the token will be available for $0.033. The listing price following presale will be $0.055.

Even aside from the current numbers, $DLANCE should be a smart investment. The project solves a number of modern problems for which there is no other comparable solution. NFTs for intellectual property protection, an almost instant compensation system for freelancers, and a market that offers huge financial potential.

DeeLance is creating the working world of tomorrow and you can be a part.

Presale startedMarch 30, 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, credit card
Hard cap$6,00,000
Minimum investment$10
Max. investmentNo

10. Green Bitcoin – Sustainability and Bull Run Potential

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) is an interesting green coin for those waiting for the next bull run. It is characterized by the idea of ​​Gamified Green Staking, a groundbreaking staking method. 

Proactive investors will love this feature because it not only makes their investment more exciting but also has the potential to reap big profits, as our Green Bitcoin forecast shows.

Green Bitcoin is characterized by its environmental protection. It offers a more environmentally friendly option in the crypto market by leveraging the energy-saving features of the Ethereum blockchain. This is becoming an increasingly important factor for environmentally conscious investors.

Buying Green Bitcoin satisfies both the increasing need for environmentally friendly crypto solutions and the lure of an interesting, potentially profitable investment platform. Because of its environmental and financial benefits, it is a progressive investment opportunity for anyone looking to get in on the next Bitcoin boom.

Presale startedDecember 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT
In totalnot specified
Minimum investmentno
Max. investmentNo

11. Bitcoin – Established Cryptocurrency With High Value

The bear market is not just a good time to look for altcoins that could become bullish cryptos. Established coins should not be lost sight of in this market phase. This also applies to the mother of all cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.

Of course, Bitcoin was not spared from the recent bear market. But with almost the same certainty, Bitcoin will also play a leading role in the next growth of the crypto market. This is primarily because Bitcoin has a high equivalent value.

This equivalent value rests on the numerous large companies that are invested in Bitcoin. Even outside of large-scale industrial investments, Bitcoin has made a name for itself as a reliable investment; even in a bear market or especially in a bear market. This is evident from the fact that there are already almost 20 million Bitcoins in circulation.

12. Ethereum –  Second Largest Cryptocurrency with Smart Contracts

While Bitcoin is the undisputed mother of cryptocurrencies, in recent years there has been increasing competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to the best cryptocurrency.

Ethereum may be younger than Bitcoin, but it has something crucial ahead of the oldie – smart contracts. Smart contracts carry out processes on the blockchain extremely quickly and make Ethereum and its in-house blockchain the perfect basis for new crypto projects.

Ethereum is also a good place to go for the next crypto bull run. When betting on Ethereum, investors are primarily hoping for a repeat of previous performances during the bull runs. Ethereum has made a name for itself by doing particularly well during bull runs. This cannot be ruled out, especially since Ethereum is becoming increasingly popular due to its applicability.

13. Cardano – The Platform That Connects Different Blockchains

Cardano has recognized a weakness in the crypto universe and has made it its mission to combat it by all means possible. Weakness? Different blockchains are not compatible with each other and are not capable of cooperation. The solution? A platform that finally makes that possible.

Cardano has also recognized how important decentralization is for many cryptocurrency users and has designed its administration accordingly. Users can have a direct influence on the progress of the project. This builds trust and strengthens belief in the future of the project.

But it’s not just the democratization of the project that makes it a good bet for the future. In addition, Cardano is a frontrunner in crypto research and has numerous research projects. Believe in the future of cryptos, believe in Cardano.

14. XRP – Fast and Cheap Crypto Payment Network

Ripple has not only faced a new bear market in the recent past but has also had to endure a lengthy review by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. So it’s hardly surprising that the price of XRP fell sharply last year. The project has great potential.

Ripple is all about a fast and cheap crypto payment network that is designed to outperform every bank in the world. This means that Ripple is right where the big money is. At the core of this approach is the Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA for short), which is intended to ensure faster processing of financial transactions.

Despite the disappointing price development of the last twelve months, many investors believe in Ripple. And rightly so. More and more financial institutions are taking on the project and this will be reflected in the prices again in the next bull market at the latest.

15. Polygon – Fast-growing Layer 2 Protocol Crypto

Polygon is the crypto project for the token MATIC, which you may have already seen on the crypto exchange of your choice. In recent years, Polygon has made a name for itself in the scene with its approach. Polygon is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is working on a solution to a problem that continually pushes this blockchain to its limits.

The Ethereum blockchain has limited scalability. Polygon is working on expanding the Ethereum blockchain and thereby significantly increasing its scalability. This approach is very welcome among Ethereum enthusiasts.

Although Ethereum itself is also working on drastically improving its scalability until Ethereum itself finds a good solution to this problem, Polygon will remain the first port of call for it and MATIC will reap the benefits. This is also reflected in the comparatively stable price development of the token.

16. Chainlink – Decentralized Oracle Network that Connects Smart Contracts to Real Data Sources

You shouldn’t lose sight of Chainlink before the next crypto bull run. Chainlink is another crypto project that is fueled by the fact that it is working on a much-needed solution to a problem in the crypto world. The problem? Oracles.

Oracles bring things from the real world into the world of smart contracts. The Oracle Problem, on the other hand, describes the conflict between security, authenticity, and third-party Oracles when executing smart contracts. The solution? A unique approach that gives Chainlink a unique selling point.

If you are looking for crypto coins for the next bull run, Chainlink is a very good candidate for your list. On the one hand, as described, it solves a common problem in the crypto universe. On the other hand, the project is always striving to innovate and has recently moved more and more towards the DeFi niche.

What is a Crypto Bull Run?

A bull run is a strong upward trend in a price. In the crypto bull run, this refers to a cryptocurrency price. Within a few moments, the price of a coin suddenly jumps very significantly.

The term bull run is heard in almost every news article and every other blog post in the crypto world. But what exactly constitutes a bull run? When defining the term, it helps to use a metaphor that is hidden behind the word bull run. Imagine a bull shuffling its hooves and suddenly charging forward with all its concentrated strength and focus on its target.

This is basically how a bull run in cryptocurrencies works. Investors are bullish on their cryptos and are investing more in them. This self-confidence in turn triggers further investments and the circle that was triggered is subsequently repeated several times. The result is a drastic increase in prices across the entire market, which occurs within a very short period of time.

A bull run often overshoots the mark, similar to a bull that can hardly stop its sprint. This means that a bull run is usually followed by a correction in which prices across the market fall slightly again. This is triggered by investors realizing their profits and selling assets. Investors have made it their mission to bet on the next bull run and, if successful, make quick money.

What is the Opposite of a Bull Run?

The opposite of a bull run is the bear market, also known as the bearish market. This is where an investment loses value over a longer period of time. For investors, this usually means having to make a quick decision. Get rid of the asset or wait and hope it recovers.

Bull Run, Bear Market & Bull Market Explained

  • Bull market: In contrast to the bull run, the bull market describes a long-term condition. A bull market occurs when cryptocurrencies gain significantly over a longer period of time. While a bull run crypto event only lasts for a very short time, a bull market can extend for up to 22 months.
  • Bear market: A bear market describes the opposite of a bull market. If there is a bear market, cryptocurrencies fall significantly over a longer period of time. For example, the crypto market is currently in a bearish phase. On average, bear markets are somewhat shorter. It is estimated to last more than 19 months. Therefore, there is reason to believe that the bear market may be gradually coming to an end.

Is there a crypto bull run in 2024?

2023 was a fairly average year for crypto, however, two key factors could support a crypto bull market in 2024. The Bitcoin halving and the possible approval of Bitcoin ETFs could lead to favorable supply-demand conditions.

Long-term Bitcoin investors are adding to their Bitcoin positions, reducing market volume. At the same time, the growing interest of institutional investors shows significantly higher values ​​for the so-called open interest in Bitcoin futures. Open interest is a measure of how many contracts are open and have not yet been processed.

Additionally, the Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) discount to net asset value (NAV) has narrowed. A narrowing of this discount could indicate that institutional investors are more involved in the market and are willing to pay a higher price for Bitcoin.

However, while these signs could represent positive developments for a possible crypto bull market in 2024, the forecast remains uncertain. Financial markets are always unpredictable. Our assessment is therefore not investment advice; you should always carry out your own research.

How Does a Crypto Bull Run Work?

  • As already described above, the start of a crypto bull run is signaled by sharply rising prices. The bull starts moving.
  • These in turn are fueled further because investors want to participate in those price gains. They allow the prices to continue to skyrocket through new investments. The bull is in full sprint and can hardly be held back.
  • Afterward, the prices are at an above-average level, but this does not last long. The bull approaches its target and comes to a stop.
  • The prices fall slightly again because investors, who invest primarily in the hope of price gains, sell their coins and realize profits. The bull recovers from his sprint.

Is There a Crypto Bull Run Right Now?

To answer this question, all you need to do is look at the performance of any coin over the last 365 days. Most will present you with a fairly similar picture. Overall, a sobering year for investors.

The crypto market is currently stagnating or continually losing ground. In other words, we are currently in a bear market and not a bull run. However, it is also noticeable that many coins have increasingly recovered in the most recent phase of the bear market. Does it indicate the impending bull run?

Simple price recoveries alone are not enough to usher in a new bull run. What is needed now is a major event or a chain of smaller events that breaks the pessimistic climate in the crypto market and sets the course for a bull run. However, as long as this does not happen, we will continue to be in a bear market.

When is the Next Crypto Bull Run?

  • Correctly estimating a bull run is not an easy task. It becomes even more difficult when, at this point, there is no reliable evidence of an imminent bull run.
  • But let’s remember the average duration of a bear market. This is around 19 months. If this bear market also roughly lives up to its average length, a bull run is conceivable towards the end of the current calendar year.
  • If you follow the opinion of experts, investors will have to be patient a little longer. They do not expect the next bull run until 2024.
  • They cite the next halving as the reason for this temporal location. During a halving, the reward for mining Bitcoins is reduced. This happens every four years. This case last occurred in 2020.
  • A halving results in a reduction in supply. If demand remains the same, this means rising prices. And these could trigger a new bull run.

Example of a Crypto Bull Run

A popular example of a crypto bull run is Bitcoin. The most popular coin in the world has already experienced some, sometimes very strong, price fluctuations. So for some, it brought a lot, and for others very little to no return.

In this table, you can see when a Bitcoin bull run occurred in 2019.

Course date 1Bitcoin valueCourse date 2Bitcoin valueGrowthPeriod of timeBull run?
October 15, 2019$6,500December 18, 2019$19,800x333 daysYes!
September 18, 2019$176October 29, 2019$1,132x842 daysYes!
March 18, 2019$4804/09/2019$213x642 daysYes!
April 26, 2019$1.67June 6, 2019$30x1843 daysYes!
January 19, 2019$0.31February 14, 2019$1.06x326 daysYes!

On average, the price of Bitcoin increased 7.5 times within 37 days. So if you’re waiting for a bull run, you can use this growth in Bitcoin to wait for the right moment.

Why You Should Invest in Cryptos Before a Bull Run

  • Low Prices: Investing before a bull run is associated with low prices for tokens across the market.
  • Low risk: Not only prices but also risks are lower when investing in a bear market. Ultimately, you have a significantly larger investment window in which you can analyze a specific project at your leisure and enter into it carefully. This reduces the risk of a bad investment.
  • Higher chances of winning: Holding the acquired tokens beyond the start of the bull run is associated with the chance of huge profit-taking.
  • No FOMO: Buying calmly before the next bull run will prevent panic buying during the bull run, where you try to share in other people’s profits but enter the market too late.


The next bull run will inevitably come. It remains to be seen whether this will be the case this year or next. Now it’s up to you to calmly upgrade during the bear market. Analyze projects that interest you, such as the coins from the list above, and make your trading decisions at your leisure during the bear market. This will put you on the best path to success.

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