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13th-Month Pay: Is Maternity Leave Benefits Counted? Here’s a guide…

Coverage of 13th-Month Pay for Private Company Employees

13TH-MONTH PAY – Are you wondering if the maternity leave benefits are counted in the computation of the said pay? Here is a guide for you.

Private company employees are looking forward to the 13th-month pay which is given every December. It is equivalent to the average of the total basic pay that the worker received in 12 months. It is intended for different purposes.

Most workers are using their pay to finish their existing loans or, at least, lessen their debts, for the holiday expenses, and to make sure that the utility bills are paid before the start of another year. Some employees use a portion of their pay for investments while others deposit and keep it in their bank accounts.

Are you one of those who are looking forward to your 13th-month pay? You might be having some questions with regards to the inclusions in the computation for this law-mandated pay.

13th-Month Pay

One of the common questions is about the inclusion of the maternity leave benefits to the 13th-month pay. Based on an article on ABS-CBN News, the maternity leave benefits is not included.

For employees who have availed maternity leave benefits, the computation for your pay will only include the total salary you received in ten (10) months) or depending on the number of months you were not on a maternity leave. It will be divided by twelve (12) and the result is your pay.

For example:

January – P16,000.00
February (on maternity leave)
March (on maternity leave)
April – P16,000.00
May – P16,000.00
June – P16,000.00
July – P16,000.00
August (2 absences) – P13,800.00
September – P16,000.00
October – P16,000.00
November (2 absences) – P13,800.00
December – P16,000.00

Total Salary – P155,600.00 / 12 months

13th Month Pay = P12,966.67

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