SSS Monthly Cash Pension — Here’s Guide on How To Qualify for this Retirement Benefit Offer

Details about the SSS Monthly Cash Pension Qualifications for Retirees

Here are the qualifications for the SSS Monthly Cash Pension which is one of the options under the Social Security System Retirement Benefit.

Undeniably, among the many benefit offers of the Social Security System for its members, the one that is there like a goal for every member is the SSS Retirement Benefit. It is under it that a member may obtain a monthly pension when the age of retirement from work take its turn.

Thousands of Filipinos across the nation are pensioners of the SSS. Every month, they receive an amount from the state-run social insurance giant as a pension thus they always have something to turn to financially.

If you also want to qualify for a monthly pension in the future, it is important to regularly post monthly contributions and to keep an account of how many you have posted. Here are the qualifications for an SSS monthly cash pension:

  • member must have paid at least 120 monthly contributions prior to the semester of retirement
  • plus any of the following:
      • at least 60 years old and separated from employment or has ceased to be an SE/OFW/Household Helper
      • at least 55 years old and separated from employment or has ceased to be an SE, if an “underground mineworker”
      • at least 65 years old whether still employed/SE, working as OFW/Household Helper or not
      • at least 60 years old whether still employed/SE or not, if an “underground mineworker”
    • a total disability pensioner who has recovered from disability and is at least 60 years old
How To Compute Your SSS Monthly Pension ads

If you are 65 years old already and have not reached the required a total of 120 monthly contributions for eligibility to an SSS monthly cash pension, you may get the lump sum. It is equivalent to the total contributions paid by the member and his/her employer including the interest.

A member who is 60 years old and above but not yet 65 years old has the option to continue posting contribution until he/she is 65 years old.

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